dexter-s05e10-in-the-beginning-quotes-recap-spoilers-dexter-lumen-kiss-sexWow, just wow. Watching Dexter and saying otherwise would be plain wrong. The show is on a creative high. Many were wondering how could they bounce back after killing Rita on Dexter, but the writers surely knew what they were doing.

In the episode S05E10 Miami Metro uncovers more evidence in their ongoing investigations, and Debra names two suspects. Dexter, meanwhile, comes across a possible ally.

Best Quotes from Dexter S05E10 In The Beginning

Dexter: They say history repeats itself. But I´m never putting my family in danger again

Dexter: I need to plan for the worst

Liddy: What the fuck are you up to now?

Dexter: Stay inside, and don´t open the door… to anyone

Debra: I´m just happy to be back. It beats the fucking files.

Dexter: A target you´ll never see. He´s already buried at see.

Debra: Save your bullshit for your seminars, and answer my fucking question

Dexter: You don´t miss a thing (Unfortunately)

Masuka: Notice anything about them?
Dexter: (They all look like Lumen) No. Not really.

Dexter: The men who hurt you. They made DVD´s of everything they did

Lumen: Thirteen. Is that me?

Lumen: I know that you risk your life every day that you are with me. You´ve been my only way through this
Dexter: Well, I guess we both met in the right time

Dexter: Do you think there´s a vigilante out there?

Liddy: Here you are, in Geek Squad

Liddy: You like blood, huh
Dexter: I like catching bad guys
Liddy: That´s cute

Lumen: That moment turned Jordan into a monster
Dexter: My guess, he was already a monster

Dexter: There´s a way to do this. A way that protects you. That protects both of us

Dexter: Thirteen pieces of jewelsry, thirteen trophys

Jordan: Emily. No one can ever take your place. We have a bond, that no one can ever break. You made me what I am


Dexter: I´m glad you never touched them.
Jordan: Yeah, why?
Dexter: Because this DNA test will let you free for me… and her… Your time is up

Dexter: You look perfect

Lumen: You recognize me, don´t you? I look different without my hands tied behind my back

Dexter: There´s a first time for everything. A first step, a first word, a first kiss, a first kill

Dexter: Aim for the heart

Dexter: In her eyes, I´m not a monster at all

Recap from Dexter S05E10 In The Beginning

Recap by editbabe, Melanie809 & MikeSaros

Open with Dexter making arrangements for Harrison to be sent to a safe place. He also moves Lumen to an apartment Chase doesn’t know about. We see that Liddy is watching them from an adjacent window. Dexter tells Lumen he wants to go through Emily Birch (the Chase blood necklace girl) to find the rest of the men involved in the attacks.

Maria and Masuka brief the department about the new evidence pointing to Cole. Debra is back from the filing department.

Angel gives Maria the cold shoulder. Clearly he’s still not happy with her recent actions.

Debra and Quinn visit Chase’s office and are stunned to learn Cole has disappeared. Debra angrily questions Chase about not providing them more information. The result is Chase saying the police will now have to deal solely with his attorney.

Dexter and Lumen go to Birch’s place. They show her the picture of Cole and his buddies and she immediately clams up and slams the door on them. Dexter tells Lumen she must know something.

The police search Cole’s place. Cole’s blood is found, left over from the struggle with Dexter and Lumen. They find 13 numbered DVDs, each with video of one of the tortured girls.

At the office Dexter realizes that once Debra’s looks at Lumen’s DVD everything will unravel. Masuka is getting close to figuring out there is a living victim. Dexter is able to plant a blank DVD and snag Lumen’s from Masuka’s desk.

Back at the apartment Dexter tells Lumen about Cole’s DVDs and gives her the one she is in. The idea of being a number makes Lumen emotional, but she is thankful for his sacrifice. It seems like they’re connecting. That night Lumen watches her DVD.

Debra tells Dexter she has a theory. She has connected Dan the Dentist with Cole and the tortures. Toss in Boyd’s disappearance and the blood at Cole’s place and she now believes there is a vigilante taking out the men responsible.

Lumen’s returns to Birch’s place and shows her a phone video of her attack. Birch lets her in. Birch tells Lumen that she was attacked 20 years ago at a summer camp. Chase and his buddies attacked her. Back then Chase was a fat kid named Eugene Grier. She was drugged and woke up in a cabin. She said she was never touched by Chase, but he was able to talk the other guys into doing stuff to her. The look she saw in Chase’s face during the attack is what he has all the time now. She was the one who took the picture, and she identifies the fifth and final member of the group as Alex Tilden.

Liddy makes sure to run into Dexter in the office. He asks Dexter about his interest in blood. We see Liddy forging Quinn’s names on some documents and picking up a bunch of surveillance supplies.

Lumen tells Dexter about the meeting with Birch and Tilden. She says she wants to be the one to kill Tilden.

We see Quinn and Debra meeting with Tilden, who is a banker. Tilden’s name showed up in Cole’s computer, which Tilden explains as being due to a fantasy football connection. Alex claims not to know Chase or Boyd.

Dexter gives Lumen a pair of gloves like his. He tells her evidence will now be especially important. Liddy is watching them with full audio and video capabilities.

Dexter and Lumen break into Tilden’s place. They find a box with trinkets from each of the victims. She takes back her necklace. They pick out a kill room.

We see Chase sitting with Birch. Apparently he instructed her to tell Lumen about the camp, which it sounds like was the truth. Chase seems to have some strange power over Birch.

Chase and his entourage come to Miami Metro after a request is made for his DNA. Even though his attorney advices against it, Chase agrees to gives his saliva. Chase and Dexter are alone during the sample collection and the two makes threats to each other.

Lumen is now dressed all in black. Dexter seems visibly moved by her wearing the clothes of the killin’ trade. He hands her a knife and has her practice a death blow. Liddy watches all of this is stunned amazement.

A terrified Tilden calls Chase and says he wants to leave town. Chase promises he’s “on top of it” and tells him to maintain his routine.

We see that Chase is outside Tilden’s place and he watched Dexter and Lumen break into the house. Chase then places a call to Debra, telling her Tilden placed a strange, panicked call to his office looking for Cole and asking about flights. Chase leaves the scene and we see Debra and Quinn head for Tilden’s place.

Tilden arrives home to find Lumen standing in front of a video of her attack. He runs away, directly into Dexter and his hypodermic. Tilden wakes up in the kill room. Dexter says a few choice words and collects his blood sample, just as Debra and Quinn pull into the driveway. They find the door unlocked and search the house. We see that Tilden’s kill room is in the vacant house next door. Lumen ends up stabbing Tilden in the heart for her first official kill.

Debra and Quinn find Lumen’s fresh footprints in Tilden’s backyard. Debra suggests that maybe the vigilante is one of the victims.

Lumen and Dexter return to the apartment and unpack their stuff. Lumen follows Dexter into a back bedroom and they start to fool around. This leads to a sex scene and Dexter’s inner monologue tells us that when he’s with Lumen “I’m someone different. In her eyes I’m not a monster at all.”

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