dexter-s05e11-hop-a-freighter-quotes-recap-spoilersWow, just wow. Watching Dexter and saying otherwise would be plain wrong. The show is on a creative high. Many were wondering how could they bounce back after killing Rita on Dexter, but the writers surely knew what they were doing.

In the episode S05E11 As Dexter and Lumen methodically exact their revenge on Jordan Chase’s maniacal band of brothers, their secret alliance is uncovered by Liddy. Looking to get back into the good graces of Miami Metro, Liddy’s part-time surveillance job could potentially bring down Miami’s most prolific serial killer and make him a local hero. With all eyes on Dexter, how will he be able to fend off Liddy and Quinn, while moving in on Jordan for one of his most complicated and meaningful kills?

Best Quotes from Dexter S03E11 – Hop a Freighter

Lumen: Stairs?
Dexter: Locked from the inside
Lumen: Yes, but you know how to pick locks

Lumen: There´s gotta be a way to use me as bait

Dexter: Maybe Deb has a blind spot for me

Dexter: No one has seen those recordings yet.
Lumen: How do you know?
Dexter: Because we haven´t been arrested

Deb: She is hunting them and killing them

Deb: Maybe she had help
Laguerta: Who?
Deb: A man. Someone who cares

Masuka: Like Romeo and Julliet… only they kill people

Dexter: Lumen. Plans for lunch?

Dexter: Is that what Lumen and I have? Pretty Serious Shit?

Dexter: Lumen, it´s getting dangerous
Lumen: I´m not walking away. We are a team
Dexter: We have serious shit
Lumen: What does that mean?
Dexter: Something that Deb said about us
Lumen: You told her about us?
Dexter: No, she was talking about the vigilantes.

Quinn: I am a dumb guy who does dumb things. The one thing I did right

was to get you to almost like me, cause I really love you

Liddy: Jesus ain´t got nothing to do with it

Dexter: I don´t have time to deal with you

Deb: You are the last person I´d come to when I need support

Deb: Fuck me… now I´m the asshole, right?

Dexter: Is this the kind of love I´ll ever find? The kind that ends in blood

Recap from Dexter S03E11 – Hop a Freighter

Recap by MikeSaros

Open with Debra and Quinn going to see Chase. With Tilden having gone missing, they are now certain he has some connection to all the missing men. Chase gets a little testy and says he thinks Debra must be obsessed with him.

Dexter and Lumen talk about how impossible it seems to get close to Chase. Lumen suggests being the bait but Dexter hates the idea. Dexter tells her Debra has never suspected his part-time “activities” and thinks she must have a blind-spot for him. At this point Harrison’s baby monitor picks up the signal of Liddy’s camera and Dexter realizes they are being monitored. He tells Lumen without doing anything obvious. They think it must be Chase.

Realizing the signal must be nearby, Dexter looks around outside for likely monitoring spots. He sees a number of vans that fit the description.

Liddy waits for Quinn at the station to tell him he’s officially been terminated. His plan to get his job back is to make the huge Dexter bust and he has to have from help from a current cop. Quinn doesn’t want any part of it but Liddy assures him he’ll get a call and “you better come running.”

Dexter is able to get a look at the camera without tipping off the viewer. He sees that it is property of Miami Metro.

Out on the balcony Dexter tells Lumen the police are monitoring them. Since they haven’t been arrested the video may not have been seen yet. He’s not sure what’s happening but he plans to check the serial number at the station. Sonya calls Dexter to remind him Harrison’s birthday party is that Sunday. Woried about safety, Dexter suggests they do it down in Orlando.

Dexter goes to the station, aware that he’s not getting any strange looks. Matsuka tells the group they found the female book print from Tilden’s house next the vacant place next door. He checked it out, found a room had been bleached and suspects Tilden was killed there. Debra ends up revealing her vigilante theory to the entire department, including the idea a man must be helping the woman.

Dexter gets into the department’s computer system and finds out Quinn checked out the cameras and microphones three days earlier. The case used was 30 years old so Quinn must be doing this off-the-books.

Dexter and Lumen break into Quinn’s place looking for video files. They find the pictures Liddy gave him of them dumping Cole’s body in the ocean, which tells them they’ve been watched for weeks. They need to find the digital originals.

Debra and Quinn go to see Dan the dentist’s wife. She thinks he was a closeted homosexual, but is even more upset to learn about his real activities. She tells them about Chase and his original name, Eugene Greer.

Angel tells Debra and Quinn they’ve learned Tilden had a lengthy business relationship with Chase that he lied about. Along with the childhood relationship with Dan, they have enough to connect Chase with each of the rapists and want to bring him in for more questioning.

Debra reveals to Dexter the reason she’s been having trouble with Quinn was that he lied to her about investigating Dexter’s possible role in Rita’s death. She admits to still having feelings for Quinn and says she wishes she could find somebody like the person helping the vigilante. She thinks that is what real love is.

Dexter buys a switchblade for Lumen while they’re out at a market. Dexter wants her to leave town temporarily, but she won’t. He tells her about Debra’s theory on their relationship. The relationship seems to be getting serious.

Debra, Quinn and Angel breakdown the case, discussing Chase’s transformation from fat teenager. Quinn tells Debra he still loves her and tells her she’s unlike any other woman he’s been with. Angel returns with news that Chase has booked an overseas speaking tour. If they can’t get a court order to prevent him from leaving the country he might be gone forever. They discuss brining the situation to Maria but Debra says no, thinking she’d never help her.

Just one van remains by Dexer’s apartment after several days. He approaches it with a hypodermic, but Liddy pops out from behind a tree and knocks him out with stun gun. He tosses Dexter in the back and takes off.

Lumen gets a call from a panicked Emily. She says someone Chase found out she spoke with her and she terrifield. She wants to go to the police, but Lumen assures her she and Dexter will protect her. Once Emily hangs up we see Chase is at her house and the phone call was part of a trick to lure Dexter and Lumen to him. Lumen calls Dexter and leaves a voicemail that they must go see Emily.

Dexte wakes up in the back of Liddy’s van. Liddy explains about investigation on Quinn’s behalf and then gives Quinn a call. Liddy calls Quinn, who says he’s busy. Liddy says if Quinn doesn’t come meet him he’ll call another cop. Liddy tells Dexter that since he didn’t have a warrant for the video observation, he’ll need a confession.

Lumen shows up at Emily’s place. Chase pops out from the next room.

Liddy tells Dexter if he confesses he’ll keep Lumen out of it. All he wants is his job back and he deosn’t care about any of them. Liddy pulls out a video camera and Dexter gets the jump on him, eventually plunging a huge knife into his chest and killing him. This happens just as Quinn pulls up next to the van. Quinn finds the doors locked and Liddy is now not answering his phone. Just as a single drop of Liddy’s blood leaks out of the van and onto Quinn’s boot he head to his car and leaves. Dexter checks his voicemail and learns Lumen heard from Emily. He tosses the laptop in the ocean and leaves.

Maria brings Debra into her office and confronts her about not going through to her to get the court order for Chase. The judge denied the request. The two discuss their recent disagreements. Maria reveals that she went to a different judge and got the court order Debra wanted.

Dexter goes to his house and finds Lumen not there

Chase doesn’t seem to believe Lumen doesn’t know where Dexter is or why he isn’t there. This leads to an argument between Chase and Emily. When it looks like Chase is about to kill Lumen with a fireplace poker, Emily protests and gets hit several times herself. Lumen crawls to a chair and goes for her purse.

Later on Dexter arrives at Emily’s place. He finds a massive blood trail and follows it to Emily’s body in a back room. Lumen and Chase are gone.

Debra goes to the private air field and is told by Chase’s pilot that Chase never showed up for a flight scheduled to leave an hour earlier.

Dexter finds evidence of more blood, some of it not Emily’s, leading outside the house. He finds the knife he bought Lumen and realizes she’s been putting up a fight.

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