dexter-s06e07-nebraska-quotes-spoilersFor the last couple of weeks, and being lucky as hell, I´m getting the chance to see Dexter before it airs, and tell you some things about it.
I will post this article with best quotes and moments from Dexter S06E07 Nebraska first fifteen minutes. Just to let you taste a little bit, but know for sure, you need to watch the whole episode.
First of all, why is Brian Moser back on Dexter? Hummm

Best Quotes and Moments from Dexter S06E07 Nebraska

The episode was written by Wendy West, and directed by Romeo Tirone

Dexter finds himself teamed up with a fellow Dark Passenger when he takes a road trip to Nebraska to tie up some loose ends from the past. As Debra continues to lead the investigation into the Doomsday killings, she deals with the complications of being a lieutenant.

In the previously on Dexter we see Dexter killing Nick, we see the Trinity Killer, and Dexter killing his brother Brian, and then seeing him again… and that kickstarts the episode.

Brian: Hello brother, miss me?

Dexter: I´ve been lost before: After Rita died, after Lumen left, but now I found Brian Moser, my dead brother. It´s been a long time since I´ve seen him

Brian: You don´t turn the other cheek, you slice it. Brother Sam doesn´t know you as brother Brian does.

Dexter: Relieved, unburdened, like I can stop pretending there´s any light in me

Dexter: It´s Debra
Brian: The one that got away

Dexter: Closing the door. Must be serious

Debra: It´s Trinity. He´s back, he killed again

All of Trinity killer´s family is dead, and Jonah did it, of course Debra does not know Trinity is dead because Dexter killed him. So he knows Jonah is the one who killed his family.

Travis: I´m done. With you, with everything.
Profesor Gellar: God is the one with choice Travis. He chose you and me. We have no saying.
Profesor Gellar: What about free will?

Profesor Gellar: I will carry on the work of his, for the both of us

Dexter: But Jonah loved his mom and sister
Brian: When have love kept someone from killing

Dexter: It´s in his blood
Brian: Son of a serial killer becomes a serial killer… what are the odds?
And Dexter picks up Harrison

Brian: I know how much you hate it when people get away with murder… well, everybody except for you

Brian: When was the last time you had fun?

Dexter: I need to get away from everything

Dexter: I love you
Brian: Love, really? It´s weird seeing you with a kid

Debra: If you don´t catch DDK you wil crash and burn

And that´s the first fifteen minutes… I can tell you anything else, you´ll have to watch the rest of the episode to learn why Brian is back on Dexter among other things for another five star episode!

What did you think, will you watch Dexter S06E07 Nebraska? Let me know in the comments section.
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