Last week Twitter had it right, and predicted the eliminations of Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo, but did Twitter get it right with Pia Toscano elimination on American Idol?

Well, let´s see… We posted where to follow each American Idol finalist on Twitter, I made a theory about Twitter predicting American Idol´s winner and eliminations.

With a new week on the back, let´s see if Twitter can actually predict American Idol winner and eliminations.

American Idol Finalists ranked by Twitter followers (as of April 7)

Scotty McCreery 66401
Casey Abrams 65076
Pia Toscano 59657
Paul McDonald 54772
Lauren Alaina 51365
James Durbin 46023
Stefano Langone 41097
Haley Reinhart 31110
Jacob Lusk 26188

American Idol Finalists ranked by Twitter followers growth (as of April 7)

Pia Toscano 23394 65%
Lauren Alaina 14817 41%
Scotty McCreery 14334 28%
Casey Abrams 14087 28%
Paul McDonald 12111 28%
James Durbin 10772 31%
Haley Reinhart 10271 49%
Stefano Langone 9176 29%
Jacob Lusk 5227 25%

In this case you can see that Pia Toscano grew a lot on Twitter, the only one over 50% with a shocking 65%.

So, what happened? Was her performance so lackluster as to trump her  chances even though her Twitter fanbase multiplied?

Lauren was safe: Twitter predicted that much.

Casey was safe: Twitter predicted (All the antics from a couple of weeks back, and the whole Haley thing too)

Stefano was bottom three: Just as Twitter thought. And just as the TMZ guy told him. He needs to spice up his timeline.

Scotty was safe: And that was a no brainer. He is not only top talent, record ready, he also is the leader in following.

Paul was safe: Also Twitter had him safe

Pia Was bottom three: Apparently US did not like her song… or her outfit, or something. She had a big growth, but ended up leaving.

James was safe: As Twitter predicted

Haley was safe: As Twitter also predicted

Jacob was bottom three: He better start tweeting more… He performs like crazy talented he is, but need to connect more to the fan base (as does Stefano too)

Haley Reinhart is getting good growth too after those Casey and Haley dating rumours. Though Ryan put him on the spotlight with all the Kelly Clarkson crush on Casey Abrams.

What do you think? Can Twitter predict American Idol results? What else can it predict?

Let me know in the comments section.

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Next week, we´ll be doing the analysis for American Idol results top 8 elimination.