dirty-italian-dirty-spanish-book-review dirty-spanish-dirty-italian-book-reviewThese two books are part of a bigger collection that delves into several languages as a way to give you the opportunity to survive in another country. Of course, the idea is not to be an actual travel companion, but a fun version of it.

Me, being a Spanish Speaker as a first language will talk mostly about the Dirty Spanish book, and it will apply to both books in general, but the particularities will be about this one.

The book has some funny moments, but it gives out too easily that the person writing it is not a Spanish Speaker as a main language and mixes a lot of the words and how we use them. That and the fact that it treats all Spanish as the same and it won´t be usable in most places, as it is a little bit biased towards porteño (that is Argentinian from Buenos Aires), and mexican.

All in all a fun read, but it is not near to be accurate. You wouldn´t be properly insulting anyone if you used the insults proposed in the book.

If you are a Spanish /Italian speaker, it´s a great gift for a non spanish/italian speaker so you get to have a good laugh at him/her saying whatever the books says in a wrong way.

Book Info:

Dirty Spanish

April 2011
Price: $10
ISBN: 978-1569759233
200 Pages

How to buy it? Visit this link.

Dirty Italian

January 2012
Price: $10
ISBN: 978-1569755662
180 Pages

How to buy it? Visit this link.


I want to thank folks at Ulysses Press for sending me this book. I hope you continue sending me those. My review was unbiased by the gift.

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