World_Reduced_to_InfographicsInfographics are great tools to disseminate knowledge, and to explain a matter in a simpler way thatn plai old text. Also, we, as human beings, get visual information thousands of times faster than text. So there you have it; Infographics are very important for teaching and explaining. Well, it´s also a great tool for humor.
And that´s where World Reduced to Infographics comes in! A very funny compilation of infographics explaining everything we need to know, from what´s in a woman´s purse to a detailed explanation of the Baldwins.

One of the authors is Worm Miller, an author I´ve read before when I went through A Zombie History of the United States, and I have to say that this book has a lot wider audience than the other one, as this has more of a broader sense of humor.

In the end of this, I´m adding two of my favorite infographics from the book. One because my beard grows like I´m Chewbacca, and I have my inner fights on wether or not shaving, until I look like Tom Hanks after his plane crashed; and the other one because it is actually interesting.

I have to say though, my favorite infographic in the book was the Venn Diagram on Venn Diagrams.

A good gift for the teacher in your family for this holidays.

Book Info: World Reduced to Infographics

Authors: Worm Miller and Patrick Casey

October 2011

Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1569759899
128 Pages

How to buy it? Visit this link.

I want to thank folks at Ulysses Press for sending me this book. I hope you continue sending me those. My review was unbiased by the gift.

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