A car, tires burning rubber in the tarmac, a runaway shootout and an explosion. How many of such scenes have we seen on television or film? Tons, right? In Road movies, the car is one of the stars; in action packed movies such as Bond´s or Batman or a lot of those, the car is the biggest weapon. A modified van is what saves the A-Team; every teenager show has an episode where the main character gets his or her license; wether it´s Clueless or The Wonder Years, we´ve seen it happening.

This Infographic has purposefully only nine cars, so, instead of being a top ten, you can add the car you want to see there as the tenth option: Is it the Mercedes Benz from Jurassic Park? Is it Fred Flintstone´s car? Boy there are so many choices…


There is no denying the appeal and influence cars have in your everyday life, but when they are placed on the big screen, they can be turned into movie stars. Enjoy the infographic below and let me know, which car movie stars was your favorite!

cinematic cars infographic

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