Miley Cyrus hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and it was quite a bit surprising to see some of the skits. Also, The Strokes was the musical guest.

Miley Cyrus had an interview earlier this week on Fallon´s. But now it´s time to do a little recap from SNL including Disney Channel Acting School sketch.

Watch Duh! Winning! Cold Open

Miley Cyrus Monologue on Saturday Night Live

Baby Spanx SNL Skit

Our Time With Taboo and SNL Skit

Disney Channel Acting School with Miley Cyrus and Raven Symone played by Kenan Thompson – SNL Skit

Miley Cyrus Show SNL Skit

The Strokes: ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ — 2 weeks – Musical guest on SNL

Weekend Update Favorites – SNL Miley Cyrus episode

Weekend Update: The Devil – SNL Miley Cyrus Episode

Weekend Update: Anthony Crispino – SNL Miley Cyrus Episode

Weekend Update: Winners and Losers – SNL Miley Cyrus Episode

Beastly – SNL Skit

New Products SNL Skit

The Strokes: Life Is Simple In The Moonlight — 2 weeks – SNL Musical Guest

Cruise Ship Entertainer SNL Skit

CBS Gurney Promo SNL Skit

What did you think about last week´s Saturday Night Live with Miley Cyrus and Musical Guest The Strokes?

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