Jimmy Fallon´s last night was all about music stars.Fresh out of her announcement to host Saturday Night Live tomorrow night, Miley Cyrus joined Jimmy Fallon and a while later REM frontman Michael Stipe was on an interview in last night´s show, where he dicussed with Jimmy the band recent album called Collapse into Now, that marks the fourteenth record in the extensive alternative rock resumee. The new record is set to be released March 7 and was recorded in Berlin, Nashivlle and New Orleans. 12 songs and a bonus track are on this record.

Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon interview with Miley Cyrus

Jimmy talks to Miley about hosting Saturday Night Live while trying on various mustaches

Michael Stipe, REM´s frontman interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Michael tells Jimmy about playing a venue like Carnegie Hall and the story behind R.E.M.’s new album, ‘Collapse Into Now

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