disney-junior-november-programmingToday´s been a busy day of announcements in terms of November Sweeps Programming, with all of what´s happening on ABC in November, all of Disney Channel´s November Programming and all of Disney XD November Programming too; so now it´s time to see what is Disney Junior November 2012 Programming, Episodes and Specials.

Monday, November 5
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald Have a Farm!”
(9:30 AM – 10:00 AM ET/PT)
When the powerful wind from Pete’s Giant Windmill accidentally sends all the animals on the new Clubhouse Farm flying to different places, Mickey and his pals set out to find and rescue all of them!

Monday, November 26
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Jake and the Never Land Pirates “Cookin’ with Hook/Captain Flynn’s New Matey” (10:30 AM – 11:00 AM ET/PT)
“Cookin’ with Hook” – Jake’s crew needs three ingredients for their Thanksgiving-styled Never Land Feast, however, Captain Hook needs to find the same items so Mama Hook (voiced by Sharon Osbourne) can cook his favorite meal.

“Captain Flynn’s New Matey” – Captain Flynn (voiced by Josh Duhamel) asks Cubby to join his crew for the day to help with a map that leads to the legendary Golden Goblet. With Captain Hook after the rare goblet as well, Jake and his crew provide Flynn and Cubby with back-up.

Tuesday, November 27
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Jake and the Never Land Pirates “Sail Away Treasure/The Mystery of Mysterious Island” (10:30 AM – 11:00 AM ET/PT)
“Sail Away Treasure” – Jake and his mates decide to follow a treasure map they found on the sail of a tiny shipwrecked boat to find the treasure and deliver it to Skybird Island.

“The Mystery of Mysterious Island” – Jake, Cubby and the crew try to figure out the mystery of why Mysterious Island continually disappears and then reappears in a completely different spot at sea.

Wednesday, November 28
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Jake and the Never Land Pirates “A Bad Case of the Barnacles!/Cubby’s Pet Problem” (10:30 AM – 11:00 AM ET/PT)
“A Bad Case of the Barnacles!” – In an attempt to help Bucky with the funny little creatures attached to his side called barnacles, Jake and the crew sail to Crimson Isle where Red Jessica (voiced by Jane Kaczmarek) gives them a map to find a unique rose that helps get rid of them.

“Cubby’s Pet Problem” – Cubby and his mates find a playful baby sea serpent and must return it to its mother before Hook captures it and puts it in the Never Land Zoo.
Thursday, November 28
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Jake and the Never Land Pirates “Hook’s Hookity-Hook/Hooked Together”
(10:30 AM – 11:00 AM ET/PT)
“Hook’s Hookity-Hook” – Jake and crew help Captain Hook when his all-in-one “Swiss Army” hook runs amok.

“Hooked Together!” – When Jake and Hook end up chained together by the wrists, they must work more closely than ever to find the NeverKey, a special key that can open and unlock any treasure, and the only key that can unlock the chain connecting them.

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