alison-sweeney-pregnantIs being the biggest loser good?

Not always, but if you are in NBC, maybe it´s a good thing and you might want to be next Biggest Loser! Especially for a grand prize of a quarter million dollars

Alison Sweeney from “Days of Our Lives” returns as host of the series, which challenges and encourages overweight contestants to shed pounds in a safe and recommended manner through comprehensive diet and exercise as they compete for a grand prize of $250,000.

But how can I participate from The Biggest Loser?


NBC is searching the country for outgoing and charismatic contestants who are ready to shed pounds once and for all and compete to win  $250,000!!

In order to be in the next season of The Biggest Loser you need to send your application and videotape As soon as possible.

First of all, You must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the U.S.
And you can audition with a partner or on your own!

How to Apply:

Step 1: Download the application – CLICK HERE
Step 2: Make a videotape (only VHS, DVD or MINI DV will be accepted) and take a photo of yourself and include it with your application.
Step 3: Mail the application, photo and tape to the Biggest Loser production.

What to include in your 10 MINUTE videotape:

Show NBC folks why you should be on The Biggest Loser. Make your video as personal as possible. Start with your name, age, hometown, height and weight. Take them on a tour of your typical day at work and home. Let us them know (and see) why losing the weight is so important to you! Show them, don’t just tell them, why you need to lose the weight. And, Remember, they want to see your personality. Have fun and good luck!


The Biggest Loser Casting
c/o Central Park West Productions
P.O Box 578
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-0578

If you need more tips on how to make your video tape, check out the How to do a casting video to Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

So… do you want to be Next Biggest Loser?