election-day-coverageElection Day has arrived, so now it´s filled with information going around, and every news show is following the story of who the next President of the United States of America will be. Is it going to be a re-election for President Barack Obama, or can Republican candidate obtain enough votes as to win the election?

How to follow the Election on TV? Specials and Coverage

  • ABC: Starting at 6:30 PM ET Special Coverage of Election Day includes: World Bews with Diane Sawyer, and Nightline.
  • CBS: From 7 PM to 2 AM ET on multiplatform including radio and online, coverage led by Scott Pelley.
  • Fox: Starting at 7PM ET Shepard Smith headlines the coverage.
  • NBC: Decision 2012 special starts at 7PM ET.
  • BET: 106 & Park starts at 6PM ET then moves to Of Don´t Sleep at 10PM ET and Battleground 2012: Vote Night at 10:30 PM ET.
  • Bloomberg: Coverage starts at 7PM ET with Bloomberg Surveillance followed by Economy Election 2012 at 8.
  • CNBC: Squawk Box kicks off coverage at 5PM ET, to be followed by Your Money Your Vote at 7.
  • CNN: Coverage starts at 6PM and special is hosted by Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper on America´s Choice 2012.
  • Comedy Central: Both late night shows will be election themed in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.
  • Current TV: Headlined by Former Vice President Al Gore, coverage begins at 8PM ET joined by Cenk Uygur, Jennifer Granholm, Eliot Spitzer and John Fugelsang.
  • Fox News Channel: Will also have coverage of America´s Election starting at 6PM.
  • MSNBC: Decision 2012 will be hosted by Racehl Maddow and Chris Matthews starting at 6PM.
  • MTV: Will only air breaking news segments and have an ongoing coverage online.
  • Politico: Starting at 7PM coverage will go with Politico Live and rebroadcast on C-Span

What´s happening on #ElectionDay on Twitter

You can follow what´s happening on Twitter during Election 2012 here.