emmys-2013-TV-NomsAnnouncementsThe Emmy Nominations for 2013 were announced today, with some surprises and some obvious choices, and of course, since it is a matter of opinion, some snubs too.

But to do a more in depth analysis, let´s take a look at all the data and the numbers from this nominations, after all, there are 536 nominations, so a lot of data to work our way through.
That´s why I did a special report on the data analysis that I hope you´ll enjoy.

Feel free to take these data to your own site, or report, but please take notice to cite the source as Series & TV from seriesandtv.com as it took a lot of work to be done.

My Data may be a bit different from what some releases are announcing, as I am taking into the same bag the efforts from the network and its online version. (I.E. NBC has 57 when adding NBC.com instead of 53 from the TV channel alone. HBO goes to 109 from the 108 announced).

So, at first glance: Wow HBO, only network in three digits.

Then, there´s American Horror Story topping the shows rank paired with Game of Thrones and closely followed by Behind the Candelabra. I can only think that competing as Miniseries helped AHS a lot.

Then there´s the whole Netflix thing. A big pat in the back to the stream giant, just one spot shy of cracking the top ten in noms for networks.

But, don´t take my word for it.

Here´s the full report. Feel free to explore it yourself.

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