endgame-quotes-spoilers-opening-movesI´m a chess fan, so getting a new show about a chess player is some kind of a must watch for me.

Canadians are doing good shows! Endgame premiered last week on a show about Russian Arkady Balagan is a world champion chess master. He is a brilliant but arrogant man. Watching his Canadian fiancée Rosemary Venturi murdered in Vancouver outside the Huxley Hotel – where he was performing in some chess matches and also residing at the time – has turned his life upside down. That incident has made him unable or unwilling to leave the comfort and safety of the hotel. He is also unable to pay the mounting hotel bills, which he unabashedly racks up. He starts to use his sharp analytical skills to solve police cases for a fee to help pay those bills. But his newly developed agoraphobia means that he needs to enlist the help of anyone around him – mostly groupies and hotel staff, the latter which includes those who are trying to get him to pay up or kick him out of the hotel – to do the actual legwork. Despite the urging of Rosemary’s sister Pippa Venturi, the case that Arkady is unwilling to get involved in is Rosemary’s death.

What is Endgame about? Plot

Agoraphobic chess champion, Arkady Balagan, is on the verge of eviction from the luxury hotel he calls home when the hotel’s bartender, Danni, enlists his help to find a missing boy. One of the boy’s distraught fathers is willing to pay for Balagan’s insights. Unable to leave the hotel, Balagan seeks the help of his number-one fan, grad-student and amateur chess player, Sam, and his savvy chambermaid, Alcina, to help him solve the mystery. Was the boy taken by one of his feuding fathers or was there a more sinister motive for the abduction? He is working against the clock to find the missing boy and collect his payment before he is forced out of the hotel. Meanwhile, Pippa, the sister of Balagan’s murdered fiancée, Rosemary, attempts to draw him into investigating her murder. Still grieving, Balagan finds it too painful to pursue.

What was Endgame Opening Moves About? Plot

Balagan’s first case is launched when Danni pleads with him to find a missing boy and, in a race against time, he enlists Sam and Alcina to help.

Best Quotes from Endgame Opening Moves

Pippa: You are the grieving fiance. What are you going to do?
Arcady: Play Chess.

Jake: They took my son
Arcady: Why?
Jake: Help me figure that out

Arcady: You write me a check for fifteen thousand dollars
Jake: I don´t have fifteen thousand dollars
Arcady: Then it´ll bounce, but it´ll give me a few days peace. If I find him, you pay me what you can afford

Arcady: Pippa, you are obsessed

Arcady: I don´t know who, but he had the key

Hugo: Checkmate
Arcady: Really? Checkmate

Gareth: I know who took Keaton. Jake. The cops are all over him
Arcady: Then he must be innocent

Arcady: You have imagination, but you must always attack, and if you defend, defend by couter attack

Arcady: You know how I got to be world champion Sam? By having second thoughts, third thoughts, fourth thoughts

Hugo: There are a whole lot of maybes
Arcady: We are living in uncertain times, Hugo

Pippa: Arcady, you got out of your jammies

Danni: I´ve heard good things
Pippa: From who? Him?

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