charlie-sheen-fox-showFolks at TMZ got an exclusive. Thing is, is that a solid one or not?

According to their report, Charlie sat down last Thursday with Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment for FOX, David Hill, President of FOX Sports, and Peter Rice, Chariman of Entertainment for FOX Networks Group.

If you are getting Charlie Sheen you will definitely get a lot of buzz for your new show, so it´s not strange that they got together.

Charlie Sheen may be whatever in his own life, I really truly don´t care, that´s why it´s his life, right? But as far as sitcom lead, he´s surely a very good pickup if you can add him to your star roster.

But, how can this work out? Is Charlie Sheen getting a new sitcom from Fox? Is Charlie Sheen getting a late night show with Fox?

Is Charlie Sheen joining an existing show on Fox? What show could be better suited for him? Perhaps one in which he was portrayed differently than Charlie Harper? Why not? After all, Charlie Sheen is a good actor and was the lead on the best rated sitcom.

What do you think? Can Charlie Sheen start a new show on Fox? Let me know your thoughts.

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