can-twitter-predict-american-idol-resultsWe are fresh out the first and second elimination of American Idol 10, and while a little time ago we posted where to follow each American Idol finalist on Twitter, I made a theory about Twitter predicting American Idol´s winner and eliminations.

Last time I ranked them on Followers and Tweets, this time, I´ll  do something a little different. Since my theor moved on as to be that: Followers show who will be eliminated, but can be slightly corrected over performance.

I will rank American Idol contestants on Followers, and on followers growth, to see which is more important.

Let´s see

American Idol Finalists ranked by Twitter followers (as of March 20)

Scotty McCreery 37550
Casey Abrams 36625
Paul McDonald 30542
Lauren Alaina 26610
Pia Toscano 25785
Thia Megia 25619
James Durbin 24574
Stefano Langone 22896
Jacob Lusk 15213
Haley Reinhart 13602
Karen Rodriguez 13304
Naima Adedapo 11962

So, no surprise here… the bottom three are also the bottom three on followers quantity.

American Idol Finalists ranked by Twitter followers growth (as of March 20)

Scotty McCreery 14669 (+64%)
Casey Abrams 17023 (+83%)
Paul McDonald 10940 (56%)
Lauren Alaina 10354 (+64%)
Pia Toscano 11394 (+79%)
Thia Megia 9919 (+63%)
James Durbin 10300 (+72%)
Stefano Langone 10370 (+83%)
Jacob Lusk 6206 (+69%)
Haley Reinhart 5932 (+77)
Karen Rodriguez 5164 (+63%)
Naima Adedapo 4755 (+66%)

Also, Ashton Jones got a growth of 28% (way less than the ones still in competition).

My conclusion. Naima Adedapo is the next to go. Naima Adedapo will get eliminated from American Idol this week, unless she starts tweeting a lot. Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk will be bottom three next week, unless they over perform.

Casey Abrams and Scotty McCreery are the two favourites so far, with Casey moving over Paul, and Stefano Langone poised to make an upset down the road if he keeps on getting a following.

What do you think? Can Twitter predict American Idol results? What else can it predict?

Let me know in the comments section.

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