Doing an EPCOT review is a bit difficult as I felt like there were two completely different theme parks in there: The “Future” part, and the Tour of the World part. But it is also difficult because this EPCOT was dubbed to be the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow and was opened in the early eighties and conceived much earlier. Now, most of this “Future” seems a bit laughable even. And you will be much more amazed by technology in any other theme park, Disney´s or otherwise.

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The iconic huge “golf ball” of EPCOT.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo.

So, that big golf ball that is so iconic and that made me want to visit EPCOT ever since growing up ended up being a bit of a disappointment, I am surely not planning on going back there anytime soon.

It is interesting on a historical value of what was future thought of, but not much more than that. An ok visit for once. And then there´s the Tour of the World part in which you can visit Canada, England, France, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Japan, China, Norway and the United States. Now that is the interesting part of the park and one you could re visit.

EPCOT is a much more adult park than the others in Orlando: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios, and also is the one you will have to do fewer long lines to enter different areas.

You will be able to go from one country to the other just by walking and get greeted once you cross the borders by street acts and music from the country represented; you will find great food options and the full experience of the country you are visiting. In Canada for instance you will enter a 360 3D video experience of the Canadian landscapes, in France you will visit pattiseries and in China you can enter a temple and see different statues.

A very interesting experience, but as I said, difficult to do an EPCOT review averaging both areas.

What I will strongly recommend, though, is, if you are visiting all four parks, leave this one for the Saturday or Sunday in your trip, as you will find it easier to move during the weekends in comparison with Magic Kingdom for instance.

I hope my EPCOT review is useful to you, and let me know your thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter for more Traveling tips and reviews or check out the Orlando pinboard below.

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