I´ve already done my EPCOT review and now it´s time to do the Magic Kingdom review for your Walt Disney World at Orlando planning. If you´ve seen The Minions the movie you´ll realize that before Walt Disney World arrived to Orlando, there was very little to do there other than villain conventions, so basically Walt Disney World made Orlando a vacation destination by itself and the everybody else followed suit to create one of the biggest tourist cities in the United States.

Magic Kingdom Review Walt Disney World Orlando

The Magic is all day and all night at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo.

A big part of Walt Disney World´s appeal is Magic Kingdom. And in this Magic Kingdom review I will try to be helpful in how to plan and prepare for a trip there for you and your family.

Now, I will do this Magic Kingdom review a bit different. Let´s answer some of the biggest questions anyone thinking about going could have and try to answer them.

Will I enjoy Magic Kingdom?

It is probably the most magical place on earth and you can feel the energy when you visit, so my bet is yes, you will.

You will be amazed by all the things that are ready for you to enjoy the experience. At some point it might get overwhelming for the little ones or for the adults, so you may need a little break to recharge.

Will I be able to take a picture with the Disney characters?

Some are easier than others. If you want to take a picture with Mickey Mouse himself you will need to do a long line and wait; but some of the other characters are readily available and would love to pose with you. We even found Pluto outside of the park in the entrance taking pics.

Will I walk too much?

That depends on what it is too much for you (Although answer is definitely yes). There are scooters available if you need them. If you want to burn out some calories it is a great exercise to walk around the park. You won´t notice how much you walked until you are back in your hotel. Always bring comfortable footwear! And by that I don´t mean not bringing high heels that is probably a bit obvious. Avoid flip flops too. Your feet will thank me later.

Will I have to wait long lines?

That is another yes for all of Wlat Disney World, but especially at Magic Kingdom. I can´t stress enough two tips here: first of all, avoid Sundays as possible, and second, use the FastPass booths that will probably cut your lines by at least half… and they are free.

Is the overall experience worth the money?

At least by ten times! And I did an international trip to visit Magic Kingdom; so if you are only traveling nationally, you will be very happy to have done it. Especially if you can take a few extra days and enjoy the other theme parks and tons of other stuff Orlando has to offer (as you can see in the Pinboard below).

I hope this Magic Kingdom review is useful for your planning, and let me know other burning questions about the park that I could try and answer. Also, follow me on Twitter for more Travel Tips and reviews.

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