Now it´s time to do an Animal Kingdom review, as I already did the review of EPCOT and the review of Magic Kingdom. Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando is the theme park that brings everybody in different natural ambiences and does it so well you´ll actually feel as if you are on an across the world journey. Let´s talk about 10 things you will certainly enjoy about Animal Kingdom in this one.

disney animal kingdom review orlando

The entrance to Disney´s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo.

1- The Flora at Animal Kingdom

Neatly taken care of by a thousand gardeners, you will feel as if nature put everything where it should be. A delight to the eye and a good way of getting fresh clean air.

2- The Animals in an open zoo

You will see big animals, majestic animals and you will see them roaming around. The Giraffes, the Elephants, the Rhinos, the Crocs, the Lions, The Tigers, all of them are in a natural environment and you will be able to experience them from a safe distance. You are a guest on their turf, they are not caged.

3- The Live Shows

Of course The Lion King show takes all the applauses, but you can also catch Nemo and many more. But do not miss The Lion King. It´s Broadway like. You and your kids will be happy to watch.

4- Expedition Everest

It is after all a theme park, so there is a big rollercoaster. My advice, wait til the sun goes down a bit in the late afternoon, as the lines will be shorter, and also doing that coaster when a bit darker is much more fun.

5- Dino-Rama

I was able to bring back some gifts and souvenir because of my outworldly talent at throwing stuff and making a mess. This games area will test your ability to shoot a ball, make a bucket and many other things and for just a few bucks you can go home with a big teddy bear. My advice: Unless you are staying in an in-park hotel where you can have the prizes delivered to your room, I recommend wait until the afternoon to play so you don´t have to carry around all day the prizes.

6- Up Close and Personal

How about a petting zoo for the kids? How about petting a tiny crocodile if you are braver? How about petting a big scary spider if you are veeeery brave? You can do all those things… I managed to go all the way to tiny baby croc.

7- Shorter Lines, Same Fun

I was able to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie and only have a five minutes wait. And even I am a 35 years old bearded 220-lbs dude, I could not stop smiling like a kid after taking a pic with Mickey and Minnie. This place is REALLY magical.

8- The Stages and Decoration and Ambientation

Hats off to the imagineers and set decorators who created each space. It is amazing how well thought of they are.

9- The Safari

You cannot miss it. It is really enjoyable, and you will see that the most important ones are the animals there. You are guests of honor, but it´s their house. So you will see them being very comfortable.

10- The Food

We had some hindi food and it was yummy. Prices are ok and portions too. You don´t need to worry. You will need to carry water along, as you will walk a lot and can get very thirsty.

I hope my Animal Kingdom review is helpful when you plan your Orlando vacation. Let me know if I can answer you any questions too. And you can follow me on Twitter for more travel tips. Or take a look at the Orlando Pinboard below for more ideas.

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