strike-back-episode-6-preview-cinemaxWe are already onto the sixth episode of Strike Back on Cinemax, when after the firefight at the arms deal exchange point, Tahir (Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje) escapes to the desert with Clare (Laura Haddock) as a hostage, and with Stonebridge and Crawford (Iain Glen) in pursuit.  As they close in and prepare for an assault, Crawford gets under Stonebridge’s skin and hints about a traitor within British Intelligence. Sinclair takes an injured Scott to the hospital and is arrested by the corrupt official, so Colonel Grant takes matters into her own hands.

In an episode Written by Richard Zadjlic and directed by Alex Holmes, we see the resolution of the arcs from the 2 villains: Iain Glen and Adewale.

Watch Strike Back Episode 6 Preview Video: Tahir Gives Clare a Tough Choice

Watch Strike Back Episode 6 Preview Video: Militia Close In On Stonebridge

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