boardwalk-empire-season-two-premiere-spoilers-videoThe much anticipated Season 2 premiere of BOARDWALK EMPIRE is right around the corner!
Where we will travel to Atlantic City, 1921: Though his fortunes have soared in the wake of the enactment of Prohibition, Nucky Thompson is paying a steep price for wielding ultimate power in “the world?s playground.” Following the ?20 election, Nucky finds himself the target of an investigation for voter fraud and faces not only jail, but insurrection by some of those he considered his closest allies.
In  season  two,  Nucky  and  his  lieutenants including  young  World  War I veteran Jimmy Darmody – appear to have solidified their hold on power by rigging an election and getting  a  crony  elected  mayor. However, after a  bloody  KKK  attack  at  Chalky  White?s bootleg warehouse, Nucky finds his hold on Atlantic City weakened, first by state agents who  arrest  him  for  election  fraud  and  ransack  his  office,  then  by  members  of  his  own inner  circle  and  even  his  family,  who  align  with  Jimmy?s  father,  the  aging  Commodore Louis  Kaestner,  in  an  attempt  to  oust  him  altogether.  Meanwhile,  mobsters  like  Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky and Al Capone wait in the wings, looking for the chance to grab a bigger piece of Nucky?s pie.

What is Season Two Premiere of Boardwalk Empire “21” about? Spoiler Preview

Nucky  (Steve  Buscemi)  is  rocked  by  an  insurrection  among  his  inner  circle; Chalky?s (Michael Kenneth Williams) life and livelihood are threatened by a vicious KKK attack;  Margaret  (Kelly  Macdonald)  copes  with  her  son?s  (Rory  and  Declan  McTigue) disciplinary  problems;  Angela  (Aleksa  Palladino)  vies  with  Gillian  (Gretchen  Mol)  for Jimmy?s (Michael Pitt) affections at home; Van Alden (Michael Shannon) shows his wife Rose (Enid Graham) around town as an anniversary present.

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