fairly-legal-season-finale-spoilers-quotes-sarah-shahiAnother USA Network show has arrived to season finale, and even if Fairly Legal renewal order has yet to be announced there are very good signs: First of all, the show´s good; secondly, it´s on USA, a network with a perfect record, third, the ratings are good. Therefore, in a while, it will be a renewal announcement.

But for now, we need to concentrate on Season Finale of Fairly Legal and some spoilers and quotes from it.

One day in the life of Kate: prevent an international incident at the Croatian Embassy and mediate between two litigious brothers before her nemesis, Judge Nicastro, throws her in jail — all while bracing herself for the possibility of some major personal changes.

The whistle on season finale could not be missing.

Kate Reed is pregnant on Fairly Legal? But then she gets a phone call with some results. She lost the baby? What happened?

Best Quotes from Fairly Legal Season Finale – Bridges

Justin: You are not paying attention because you are bored.
Kate: No, that is absolutely not true
Justin: Then you are just being rude

Kate: Right now I gotta get my ass kicked
Justin: What for?
Kate: Don´t know yet

Kate: What did I do? Am I in contempt?
Judge: Not yet, but the day is young

Kate: I hate it when I´m wrong

Justin: I hate it when you lie to me. Don´t lie to me

Kate: I´m pregnant!

Kate: They are never gonna agree
Leo: I agree

Justin: You just dropped the bomb and left

Justin: It´s a baby, Kate. It´s our baby

Lauren: I don´t threaten, I act

Kate: I´m stunned
Leo: You mean, I don´t pay you enough?

Lauren: Kate
Kate: Not now Lauren
Lauren: Oh yes, now

Lauren: You are fired
Kate: What?
Lauren: Oh now you have the time? Do you want an explanation? You are insubordinate, petty, you are always late, and I just don´t like you
Kate: I am the Reed on Reed and Reed
Lauren: Don´t go there Kate. I´ve prepared for this moment, did you?

Lauren: Pack up your office

Kate: I´m not pregnant

Justin: Being in a relationship with you is like Christmas morning, you know, when you are a kid, and you are wondered by this beautiful tree with all this presents but as soon as you get there, bombs start to drop

Justin: I spend half my time thinking how much I love you, and the other half wishing I´d never met you

Kate: That´s what I do, I build bridges

Judge Nicastro: Important thing is that they are not coming. Or that you don´t go to jail

Kate: Finish fast, cause I´ll be back

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