Continuing on The Hallmark front, after the Upcoming Movies at Hallmark, and the movies from Hallmark Movie Channel, we move on to Hallmark Channel Home, for the announcement they did on an all new Lifestyle lineup.

The second season of Hallmark Channel Home, Hallmark Channel’s entertaining and informative daily lifestyle programming block, will premiere in September.  The block is headlined by the seventh season premiere of “The Martha Stewart Show,” the Emmy® Award-winning, daily series featuring a Who’s Who of innovators and top personalities and inspiring ways to live life to its fullest – from cooking, crafting and collecting to decorating, gardening and even pet care, no one does it better than Martha.

Also returning for its second season on Hallmark Channel is “Petkeeping with Marc Morrone.”  A contemporary Dr. Doolittle, Morrone is Martha Stewart’s Go-to guy for all things pet related.

Joining Hallmark Channel Home is Emeril Lagasse in “Emeril’s Table,” a new daily cooking series featuring the celebrated chef and restaurateur with a table full of enthusiastic guests in each episode.

Martha follows up her popular and successful primetime holiday and interview “Martha Stewart Presents” specials with all-new Halloween and specials in primetime on Hallmark, celebrating the seasons as only this style and cultural maven can.

Hallmark Channel Home new series Emeril’s Table

Hallmark Channel Original Series World Premiere
Premiere Date Q4 TBA

Emeril Lagasse kicks it up even more when “Emeril’s Table” joins Hallmark Channel Home beginning Q4.  Emeril, who entertains people with his food expertise as well as his enthusiasm, says, “I am looking forward to bringing Hallmark Channel Home viewers a cooking program that will inspire them to create truly delicious menus for their family and friends.”  “Emeril’s Table” is sure to be the hottest reservation in television.  Emeril’s media empire, products and eating establishments are said to exceed more than $150 million in sales annually.  The chef-proprietor of 12 restaurants around the country earning critical praise and top ratings, author of  some 15 cookbooks, and food correspondent for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Emeril is one of the most popular and successful chefs in world.
52 30-minute Episodes

Hallmark Channel Home “The Martha Stewart Show” Season 7 premiere

Hallmark Channel Original Series
Premiere Date in October TBA

Martha Stewart is back for a seventh season of her mega-popular, Emmy Award-winning show and her second as anchor of the Hallmark Channel Home daily lifestyle programming block, after making Hallmark Channel her exclusive home a year ago.  The new season will find Martha introducing fresh inspirations and will feature A-list celebrities, culinary icons and luminaries of the fashion world, both renowned and newly discovered – all before a live studio audience.  A brand new assortment of theme shows will also be in the offing, focusing on all varieties of baking, crafting, gardening and decorating. In addition to chefs and fashion connoisseurs, those dropping by Martha’s place will include seasoned artisans designers, artists, authors, collectors and experts from all walks of life.
140 60-minute Episodes

Hallmark Channel Home Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Season 2 premiere

Hallmark Channel Original Series
Premiere Date in January TBA

Marc Morrone is a modern-day Dr. Doolittle who knows how to talk to the animals – and about them, too.  He is Martha Stewart’s go-to guy in the world of four-legged and winged beasts, from dogs to cats, rabbits to ferrets, parrots to canaries, and he is bringing his wisdom back to Hallmark Channel in all half-hour episodes which reveal what viewers need to know about caring for their pets.  Through dialogue, demonstrations and Marc’s personal and professional experience, he shares valuable tips and insights for enjoyable petkeeping.
20 30-minute Episodes

Hallmark Channel Home  “Martha Stewart Presents: Halloween Special”

Hallmark Channel Original Special World Premiere
Premiere Date OctoberTBA

It will come as no surprise that no one does Halloween better than the Grande Dame of domesticity herself.  In fact, this special is a virtual how-to guide for doing Halloween Night right.  Martha shares tips on sensationally spook-tacular ways to decorate your home with the proper monster-fied motif, transforming pillowcases into trick-or-treat bags, making scary cupcakes, Halloween cocktails, great costume makeup, and much more.  There are also likely to be a few surprise guests dropping by on their way home.  Though technically it’s a night to celebrate the deceased, Halloween comes alive during this prime time hour with Martha.   She creates more Halloween party ideas than you can shake a witch’s broom at.  One word of warning: this celebration of all that screams and goes bump in the night is strictly BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin)!

Hallmark Channel Home “Martha Stewart Presents: Christmas Special”

Hallmark Channel Original Special World Premiere
Premiere Date TBA

Martha Stewart’s Christmas program is the gold standard of holiday specials.  Martha Stewart and holidays continue to be synonymous, since she remains the one whom more Americans turn to than any other for tips and tricks on how best to celebrate the season ofgiving.  In Martha’s annual holiday extravaganza, she will be welcoming several friends we all know.  We don’t yet know who those special guests will be, but last year, Martha opened her home to Claire Danes and Jennifer Garner.  There will also be Christmas crafting galore in this Holiday Open House, along with unique holiday gift-giving and decorating ideas, recipes, discussion of handmade items, and some baking of traditional cookies and cakes.  Viewers emerge from an hour with Martha and her friends with holiday inspiration aplenty.  Pour yourself a glass of eggnog, sit back and enjoy.

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