Same thing we did on Hallmark Channel Original Movies Schedule, we are doing with Hallmark Movie Channel Original Movies. (We don´t care if it sounds like a tongue twister)

Here are 5 Original Movies Hallmark Movie Channel has in store for 2011 and 2012

Hallmark Movie Channel Original Movie Finding a Family – Plot

FINDING A FAMILY, a Hallmark Movie Channel Original Premiere, Saturday, October 15 (8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C), starring Kim Delaney (“Army Wives”) and produced by the Emmy® Award winning team behind “Homeless to Harvard” in the film that is based on a heartrending, true story.  Alex Chivescu is a talented, intelligent teenager who enters foster care after his mother is critically injured in a car accident.  With dreams of a Harvard education, Alex is at a loss when budget constraints keep him from attending an academic high school outside his orphanage’s school district.  Determined to succeed, Alex takes it upon himself to find an adoptive family so he can graduate with honors and fulfill his Harvard dreams.

Hallmark Movie Channel Original Movie Goodnight for Justice 2 – Plot

GOODNIGHT FOR JUSTICE 2, a Hallmark Movie Channel Original Premiere, Saturday, January X, reunites executive producer and star Luke Perry with director/friend Jason Priestley in a sequel to Hallmark Movie Channel’s highest-rated film of all-time.  Judge Goodnight crosses paths with a stagecoach under attack and comes to the rescue of its passengers.  On board, a Pinkerton detective is found dead, but the beautiful woman in his company survives.  Is this woman a prisoner?  Or was she being protected by the detective as she claims?  The journey will take the pair on a riverboat gambling adventure where Goodnight discovers her true identity.  [IN DEVELOPMENT]

Hallmark Movie Channel Original Movie Hannah´s Way – Plot

HANNAH’S WAY, a Hallmark Movie Channel Original Premiere, Saturday, February X.  Hannah Beaumont was just 12-years-old when a band of outlaws came through her hometown of Abilene, Texas, and murdered her entire family.  Now she is a skilled bounty hunter out of Dodge City who is helping Deputy Marshall Wyatt Earp keep fugitives at bay.  Secretly, Hannah tracks the remaining outlaws who are still free and on the run.  [IN DEVELOPMENT]

Hallmark Movie Channel Original Movie After All These Years – Plot

AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, a Hallmark Movie Channel Original Premiere, Saturday, April X, about Rosie Meyers, a housewife from Long Island’s tony gated community of Shore Haven, who in the midst of planning her 25th wedding anniversary celebration makes the gruesome discovery that her husband has been murdered in the kitchen of their home.  The 40-something suburban schoolteacher fears – quite accurately – that she will become the odds-on favorite as prime suspect.  Rosie becomes a fugitive from justice to avoid what surely will be a trial in a kangaroo court.  [IN DEVELOPMENT]

Hallmark Movie Channel Original Movie Love´s Playing Our Song – Plot

LOVE’S PLAYING OUR SONG, a Hallmark Movie Channel Original Premiere, Saturday, September X.  A shy, but handsome photographer who suffered from ugly duckling syndrome after a torturous high school experience hires a popular girl he knew from school to be his dating coach.  She teaches him how to come out of his shell and win over a new love interest with the help of their shared passion for old love songs.  As attraction blooms between student and teacher, each realizes they must correct mistakes made in the past if they are to hold onto true love this time around.  [IN DEVELOPMENT]

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