fargo-cancelled-renewed-fx-season-twoFargo was a big bet by FX this year. not a big bet in the sense of “will it work?” but in the sense of boy, with that cast how on earth couldn´t it work? So start planning ahead on how will you sustain it moving forward? Well, that answer was partially answered during TCA panel, when FX announced the renewal of Fargo for a ten episodes second season.

The first season was a bonafide success, grabbing 18 Emmy Nominations, among them the one for Outstanding Miniseries and for Outstanding Lead Actors Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman. But hey, those are huge movie stars. So how do ou bring them back? Well, you don´t. The second season of Fargo will be set in 1979, with an new set of characters, played by different actors, telling the story of a different crime. Basically the one who´s back is Executive Producer and Writer Noah Hawley.

The sophomore season for Fargo after its renewal will be for ten episodes and will take the bet on the format to be as successful as the freshman run. We´ll see in 2015 if the bet pays off once again. We certainly hope it does. It would mean great TV on our way! What do you think? Are you happy FX renewed Fargo for season two? Follow me on Twitter for more scoop.