mystery-girls-quotesA new show starring Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth premiered, joining once again the likes of two Beverly Hills 90210 alums after some time. On this one, the plot follows two former detective TV show starlets brought back together by a real-life mystery. Show is already on the fourth episode, so I figured I won´t be giving away any plot twist.

Mystery Girls best quotes

Charlie: Let me guess. You went to get your Gaga tickets and they were sold out
Nick: No, I got third row
Charlie: Then why are you acting like the world is over?

Nick: It was on TMZ and I´m pretty sure they fact check

Holly: I can´t believe you are selling all my stuff when my body isn´t even cold
Nick: No, I was selling them before. Your death just jacked up the prices

Charlie: I only faked it last night becasue I didn´t want to miss the finale of Flip this House.

Holly: Yeah, I´m America´s Sweetheart. Take that Taylor Swift.

Holly: Who´s fantasy is this?
Nick: I thought we could share

Charlie: I told you to be here at one. Only you would be late to your own funeral.

Charlie: What´s with the accent?
Holly: I´m undercover fool.

Holly: Oh my God, I am a master criminal
Charlie: Your mother would be proud

Charlie: We are not here to judge, we are here to steal.

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