girl-meets-world-quotes-disneyBoy Meets World was probably one of the biggest teen comedies of the nineties. We all grew up with it, and now, the young ones, the new generation is going to get to see the continuation of that story, now, when Cory and Topanga are the parents of Riley Matthews, who has a troublesome friend in Maya. They attend the same highschool though, but times are different. This time it´s not a Boy Meeting the World, it´s Girl Meets World. And now with already three episodes being aired, it´s time to start a list with the best quotes from the show.

Girl Meets World best quotes from the Pilot: “Girl Meets World”

Riley: I think too much. That´s what I like about you. You don´t think anything.
Maya: Thanks

Riley: What if that was the best moment of my life? What if nothing ever happens to me anymore?

Cory: You got my signature pretty good
Maya: Oh, it was easy. You write like a girl.

Cory: Thank you future Mini Mart employee of the month

Farkle: May I overstep my bounds sir?
Cory: You always do

Farkle: How can I love these two different women? How can I not?

Farkle: My education or my women?

Topanga: Let´s get married, let´s have a kid.
Cory: Well, you listened to me, you big stupid.

Riley: Dad, you have a choice here. You can either understand that this is just a boy talking to me in the cafeteria…
Cory: I’m gonna do whatever you say next.
Riley: This is so innocent.
Cory: Honey, fathers don’t see anything as innocent. We see it as… what’s the opposite of innocent?
Maya: [raising her hand] Right here.

Farkles: Hey, Farkles is hungry, not everything is about you

Farkle: Farkle isn´t going anywhere!

Cory: You were so busy trying to be her, Riley, you forgot the best thing you can do for her, is be you.

Riley: This is my world now, and the first person I want in it is you
Maya: You are gonna save me, aren´t you?
Riley: I am.

Lucas: Hey, this isn’t so different from Texas. Look, there’s a pony.
Farkle: That’s a rat.

Girl Meets World S01E02 – Girl Meets Boy best quotes

Maya: Talk to him!
Riley: Why? We have a great text relationship
Maya? You know what´s a better text relationship?
Riley: What?
Maya: Talk to him!

Riley: How did I do?
Maya: You smelled him!

Riley: I walk through life as I walk through life.

Cory: You use emoticons instead of emotions. You are an unemotional generation of zombies

Riley: You´ll be amazed that I have 394 friends in here
Cory: And I´m amazed that you believe that

Cory: Do I go too far?
Lucas: Always sir.

Lucas: It´s like my uncle Buzz says: “Be like the Eagle and soar above the mockingbird”
Riley: You are the mockingbird
Maya: I know

Maya: It kills me that I cannot get to you
Lucas: Sorry ma´am

Cory: I love Farkle time

Lucas: Sorry I make you uneasy, sir

Topanga: Please don´t make your father right. It´s no good for anyone when your father´s right.
Cory: She´s right

Farkle: Farkle
Riley: Ready in a minute
Lucas: And Lucas
Riley: Ready now!

Riley: Did you know that when you listen to someone, they´ll tell you stuff?

Girl Meets World S01E03 Girl Meets Sneak Attack best quotes

Riley: Those are my friends. I love my friends. It´s a sunny day. I love my friends, I love my family, I love sunny days. I even love going to school.
Cory: Ok, what´s going on with her?
Topanga: I don´t know. Don´t do anything

Auggie: I´m going to the Farkles! Who´s with me?
Topanga: You sit Auggie, and eat.
Auggie: But it´s still this

Maya: Now look at what the bulldozer did to you

Cory: It was another day in paradise until the sneak attack that changed everything

Maya: Do you want me to bring you lunch?
Riley: No, food will keep me alive
Maya: Come on little plant, come back into the sun
Riley: I´m worried something bad will happen if I leave this place
Maya: Riley, that´s crazy, nothing´s worse than what already happened

Cory: How can he be an adult? I´m not an adult

Riley: Teach me how to flirt
Maya: I won´t
Riley: Why not?
Maya: I don´t know how to flirt. Who our age knows how to flirt?
Farkle: Hello, ladies.

Farkle: I love both of you. I want you happy.

Lucas: Can I sit with you guys?
Riley: Always room for you buddy. (Turns to Maya) I´m not helping my case, I said “buddy”

Maya: Are you saying she flirts better than you?
Farkle: Oh, nobody flirts better than Farkle. I just don´t think my protegé is ready for that monster.

Farkle: She´s evil. If I´m not back in two minutes. She´s eaten me.

Farkle: How´s my hair?
Maya: Hasn´t changed in six years.
Farkle: Then she doesn´t stand chance

Riley: Lucas didn´t do anything
Cory: Don´t care. I´m mad with power.

Auggie: How’s my breath?
[breathes on Topanga]
Topanga: Ooh. Like flowers. How’d you do that?
Auggie: I ate flowers.

Farkle: What is this place?
Cory: It’s detention, Farkle, and it’s not for you.
Farkle: If my friends are on it, then it’s for me.

Lucas: Hey, Riley! Missy invited me to see a movie with her.
Missy: I think she’s aware of that, Lucas. No need to make her feel worse.
Lucas: And I was wondering if maybe you guys would like to come along with us?
Riley: You want us?
Missy: Ugh! I’m sorry, Lucas, that wasn’t the invitation.
Lucas: Oh! Well, then… I’m sorry, Missy, but I can’t go.
Missy: What are you talking about? Nobody’s ever turned me down in my life!
Lucas: Well, see… These are my friends. And I don’t like doing anything without my friends. Right, Riley?
Riley: Yeah… Right.
Lucas: Now, I certainly appreciate you wanting me to take care of you during a scary movie, and you showing me your leg and all, but… back here in the seventh grade, I think maybe we’d have more fun just hanging out together.
Maya: Boop.

Riley: You know what the easiest thing about having friends is?
Lucas: What?
Riley: Sometimes all you have to do is trust them.

Just as a Bonus…

Girl Meets World theme song “Take on the World” Lyrics

Song is performed by Sabrina Carpenter & Rowan Blanchard (Maya & Riley)

I’ve been waiting
for a day like this
To come struck like lightning
My heart’s beating like a drum.
On the edge of something wonderful
Face to face with changes
what’s it all about
Life is crazy
but I know that I can work it out.
Cause I got you to live it with me.
I feel alright, I’m gonna take on the world.
Light up the stars, I’ve got some pages to turn
I’m singing
oh (7x)
I got a ticket to the top of the sky
I’m coming up,
I’m on the ride of my life
I’m singing
oh (7x)
Take on the world (6x)

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