diversity-won-britains-got-talentWe all know that Diversity won Britain´s Got Talent, right?

Well, that´s nothing new, but, what´s new is this info about the voting percentages.

Surprisingly, Flawless came in eight with just 3.8 of the voting, way behind Diversity (Shouldn´t it have been closer? Wasn´t Flawless the ones who should´ve won?), with Stavros Flatley coming in fourth, when the phone lines to reach for their number were collapsed, but calling for Julian Smith was no problem…

Something happened there? Don´t read to much into it… but perhaps these results are as manipulated as American Idol fixed results

Here are the percentage breakdown figures for the public voting on last week’s shows…

The Final

Act % of vote in SF

Diversity                     24.9%
Susan Boyle               20.2%
Julian Smith                16.4%
Stavros Flatley           16.3%
Aidan Davis                 6.5%
Hollie Steel                  3.9%
Shaheen Jafargholi      3.8%
Flawless                      3.6%
Shaun Smith                3.4%
2 Grand                        1%

Semi Final 1

Act % of vote in SF

Susan Boyle                 52.1%
Diversity                       36.2%

Semi Final 2

Act % of vote in SF

Flawless                       38.7%
Shaun Smith                 37.1%

Semi Final 3

Act % of vote in SF

Stavros Flatley              50.4%
Shaheen Jafargholi       26.3%

Semi Final 4

Act                                % of vote in SF

Julian Smith                   56.7%
2 Grand                         24.6%

Semi Final 5

Act                                % of vote in SF

Aidan Davis                  50.6%
Hollie Steel                   26.0%