This year we already said goodbye to Big Love and started saying goodbye to Smallville. Now it´s time to start saying goodbye to Friday Night Lights.
Are you ready to head back to Dillon? Friday Night Lights returns to NBC on Friday, April 15 at 8/7c! Season 5 is right around the corner. Folks at NBC took us behind the scenes to talk to Zach Gilford, Taylor Kitsch, Adrianne Palicki, Madison Burge, Aimee Teegarden, and Matt Lauria about their characters, filming in Texas, what’s coming up this season, and their favorite FNL memories.

FNL Behind the scenes video: Cast on Final Season

Looking back on five seasons with the cast of Friday Night Lights. What were your favorite moments?

Friday Night Lights Spoiler Video: Adrianne Palicki on FNL’s Final Season

Adrianne fills you in on Tyra’s life so far and what’s next in Dillon.

Friday Night Lights Spoiler Video: Aimee Teegarden discusses Julie’s journey on FNL

Julie Taylor’s all grown up. Aimee let’s you know what’s in store for her this season on Friday Night Lights.

Friday Night Lights Spoiler Video: Madison Burge talks about Becky’s emotional evolution

Madison spills all on what the final season of FNL holds for Becky…and Luke!

Friday Night Lights Spoiler Video: Matt Lauria on the human stories of FNL

FNL star Matt Lauria confides what he loves about playing Luke and being a part of Friday Night Lights.

Friday Night Lights Spoiler Video: Fan Favorite Taylor Kitsch on FNL’s final season

What’s in store for Tim Riggins? Taylor Kitsch fills you in.

Friday Night Lights Spoiler Video: Zach Gilford on playing Matt Saracen

Find out what Zach was bummed about and excited about over the last five seasons of playing Matt Saracen.

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