jimmy-fallon-martha-stewart-show-quotesI generally cover Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where he interviews people; well, this time he is the one interviewed. Funny man  Jimmy Fallon grabbed a late night snack with Martha on today’s edition of THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET). In a long awaited reunion, Jimmy finally returned to Martha’s kitchen to celebrate the introduction of a new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – called Late Night Snack, this new flavor is a tribute to Fallon which he says he “now eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”  Speaking of tributes, Martha couldn’t help but ask Jimmy to reenact his “brilliant impression” of Charlie Sheen – which Fallon said he introduced right after “ he [Sheen] went crazy that one day and we made a cologne commercial of Charlie Sheen’s own cologne called Winning.”

Best Quotes from Jimmy Fallon on The Martha Stewart Show

On how Jimmy’s Got His Ice Cream Flavor:
MS: How did you get your ice cream?
JF: Here’s what happened, we did a sketch, not a sketch but like a bit on our show, on late night we where Ladysmith Snack Mombazo.
MS: Oh I saw the picture.
JF: Me and The Roots, we are all kinda like Ladysmith Black Mombazo except we are all just singing about things that we like to eat like hot pockets, stuff like that, we do like “Hot pockets, hot pockets are so good…” you know, and so we ended up doing Ben and Jerry’s and we were just talking about the different flavors of Ben and Jerry’s and stuff like that. We didn’t get paid from Ben and Jerry’s; we just did it because we liked the ice cream. But then they heard about us and they came and they gave everyone in the crew free ice cream and they were like “Hey if we ever work together, we would love to do something together with you.” and I’m like “Lets go.” So we actually came up with some other ideas for names of the ice cream but they were too dirty. Well we had a song; we had songs that were protest songs because all the tar balls were coming up on the shores of the south from the oil spill. So we had a protest song called “Don’t Swim in the Ocean, You’ll get Balls in your Mouth” and we…
MS: That’s funny.
JF: Yeah..so we were going to call the ice cream balls in your mouth and they were like “Yeah, no.” Both Ben and Jerry didn’t like that, so yea we ended up going Late Night Snack and it’s a potato chip, potato chip ice cream, I’m so excited. It’s weird and it’s cool.

On  Jimmy Fallon’s Notorious Charlie Sheen Impression:
MS: We also have something else that you did that was so hysterical and kind of timely, that Charlie Sheen thing.
JF: Oh my gosh, that was ridiculous.
MS: This is a brilliant, brilliant impression, done with just a moment’s notice really, I mean you just picked it up and…
JF: Yeah, we wrote it that day…the fun thing about having a daily show is that you can be the first person on the joke. You are the first person to get the joke out, it’s super fun.  So we didn’t have a wig but we have great hair and make up and wardrobe on our show.
MS: Well you look a little bit like him.
JF: I didn’t know that I looked like Charlie Sheen but I can…so it’s like with this camera here I pull my hair down like that and then I just go like…
MS: Yea, get that little wild eyed look.
JF: Yeah, like a crazy look, and [Fallon does impression]. We ended up just shooting this thing in front of a white background and we made it, it was right after he went crazy that one day and we made a commercial, a cologne commercial of Charlie Sheens own cologne called “Winning.”

Jimmy Fallon on Martha Stewart’s Tweeting Language:
JF: Alright now why are we doing this?
MS: So we can get it out, well this gets it out faster.
JF: Okay.
MS: Use your little “spatch.”
JF: Oh “spatch!”
MS: Your little “spatch.”
JF: How much time are your saving by not saying “tula”? Spatula.
MS: Whatever…
JF: Why don’t you just say “whatevs?”
MS: Whatev. I’m not tweeting.
JF: I tweeted you this morning.
MS: I have more then 140 characters to speak to you.
JF: How are you doing with the twitter?
MS: Oh I love it. Now you have how many millions of followers now?
JF : I don’t know, I know that when we started the show I said that if I have more than 300 followers I’d be psyched.
MS: Yeah.
JF: And now I have like 3 million.

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Photo Credit: David E. Steele/The Martha Stewart Show