Fringe Spoiler: Who is dying on Fringe Season FinaleThe season finale of Fringe is near.

But with the season finale of Fringe crawling upon us, it´s time to speculate on who´s dying on Fringe season finale?

Folks at TVGuide gave the Fringe Spoiler.

Olivia and Walter have been uncomfortable allies this season, and that will continue when they go “over there” together. In the alternate universe, there are rumblings that we’ll meet several doppelgangers, including Walternate, who we met in the chilling ’80s flashback “Peter.” It won’t end well, as one member of the “over here” team will die.

So… who dies on Fringe season finale?

My guess is Dr William Bell dies on Fringe season finale… but who knows.

What do you think? Who dies on Fringe season finale? Let me know in the comments section.