Web Series is a growing format and a great vehicle to find new voices and talent. Here, at Seriesandtv.com I´m trying to do my best to help, and therefore offering this space to all those webseries creators that may be around to help put the voice out about their shows. In this one, Gamer Chick, or as they put it “a comedy web series about taking what the dice roll gives you”, is a show about a Gamer Chick and the “drama” surrounding her lifestyle and group of friends.

In the premiere episode: Gia runs into some relationship trouble on game night, gets a little sympathy, and some surprise guests.

In the second episode: Gia discovers why her gaming group isn’t at Colin’s house on a Saturday night.

In the third episode: The group finally gets into the game, but the GM change leaves a void in the party’s abilities.

In the fourth episode: Nina tries to cheer Gia up, with questionable results.

In the fifth episode: Gia takes Nina to buy some gaming supplies, and makes an unfortunate acquaintance.

In the Sixth episode: Nina finds Gia feeling sorry for herself, and takes steps to fix it.

In the seventh episode: Nina conducts an interview of sorts, and we get a glimpse into the guys’ daily lives.

I gotta say the intro of the show made me laugh watching the seven episodes. Good one there guys.

Show has four more episodes in stre for season one.

Best Quotes from Gamer Chick – The Web Series

I can´t feel her pulse
Dude, that´s cause you´re feeling her boobs

We always play with baked goods

Why don´t we settle it as adults. Not it!

– She´s trapped in a bubble
– What?
– In the game

The things I do for you!

Gia don´t do it! Guys help!

Give me the phone! Give me the phone! Mujer dame el teléfono ya!

Sarah Moore is, as often happens on WebSeries, a multitasker Writer, Producer, Assistant Director, Actress playing Gia and Nin, she even throws the alley oop and dunks it herself.

Jeff Moore directs and edits, and the cast and crew is completed with Tiffany Albers Lopez plays Candy, John Albright is the Composer, Brandon Berk plays Colin and NPC, Matt Blissmer plays Brendan and Korth, Ed Bronowski plays Kelley and Rantak and is the Choreographer, Mario Dongu plays Tom and Lucien, Buddy Goettsch is the Handyman, Amanda Maul plays Nina, Scott Plant plays James.

You can go and catch up on the first seven episodes of Gamer Chick since it will only take you little time; less than twenty minutes.

And then subscribe to Gamer Chick on Twitter or Facebook, so they let you know when the next episode is up.

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