Like every day, we honor the birthday boys and girls.sarah-shahi-lw03

  • America´s Next Top Model 9th edition winner, Saleisha Cooper is turning 23.
  • Josh Ryan Evans, Oren Koolie in Ally McBeal would´ve turn 27 today. He died the same day in the real life as his character did on television: “In what producers of the NBC soap opera Passions maintain was an extraordinary coincidence, 20-year-old actor Josh Ryan Evans died of heart failure in San Diego on Monday — on the same day that the character he was playing on the soap also died of heart failure. “This could be a first for all of showbiz, not even soaps,” TV Guide soap columnist Michael Logan commented on the magazine’s website today (Wednesday). “It’s like being onstage in a death scene and dying while you’re doing it. I can’t think of anybody ever having that happen.” The death scene for Passions was actually taped last month. Producers say that although they were aware that Evans had a heart condition, they did not believe it was serious.
  • Sarah Shahi, Carmen de la Pica Morales in The L Word is turning 29.
  • Patricia Andrzejewski, A.K.A. Pat Benatar is turning 56 years old. Winner of 4-consecutive Grammy Awards for “Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female” (1980-1983) and nominated 4-more times in 85, 86, 88, & 89. Among many other things she performed Heartbreaker in a My Name is Earl episode.
  • George Foreman, Boxing star and Muhammad Ali´s nemesis is turning 60. He was also judge in American Inventor.
  • Rock and roll superstar Rod Stewart is turning 64.

Let all of them have a great birthday, and let´s raise our glasses for Josh Ryan Evans, may he rest in peace.