Dayana hits the red carpet again for another fashion autopsy, this time on Kristen Bell…

Give it away, Day!

I just did Eva Longoria, so now it´s time to do Kristen Bell. The star from both Heroes and Veronica Mars.

Kristen Bell is the typical blonde-beauty-go-to-girl-who´ll-say-yes-to-anything.

Hey Kristen, would you like to wear a french fries silver pack to go to the People´s Choice Awards” She´ll say yes, as the doll she is, and will attend in that atrocity dress from Spring Summer Stella McCartney colection.
In the model it looks even acceptable, due to her loooong legs. But Kristen is the gorgeoust girl next door you may see in the neighborhood, with a regular body, and that dress does not flatter her real curves.
I also have to say I hate the shoes, the necklace and the purse.
She should have gone undressed if she had nothing else to wear. The press and fans would´ve loved it.