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Lilly Favorite episode: Season 1 Ep 22 - Leave it to Beaver. One of the best episodes to showcase the great relationship Veronica and Keith have. I've seen this series at least 3 times and when he finds out he IS her biological father, it never fails to make me cry like a little girl. "You think that charm of yours is learned behavior? That's genetics, baby!"
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The clothes of Michelle Obama: Fashion Autopsy on Inaugural Day | Series & TV [...] yesterday was a historical moment, we wanted to do our special coverage full, and that included a Fashion Autopsy on Michelle [...]
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Fashion autopsy on Kristen Bell | Series & TV [...] I just did Eva Longoria, so now it´s time to do Kristen Bell. The star from both Heroes and Veronica Mars. [...]
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David Bowie, Josh Meyers and Maria Pitillo are celebrating their birthdays | Series & TV [...] Like every day,we honor those actors and actresses who are celebrating their birthdays. [...]