glee-auditions-casting-call-season-fourIs there going to be a casting call and auditions for Glee season four?

There are a lot of graduating members from New Directions, there are a lot of characters leaving Lima, Ohio for new challenges and storylines, but the school is still going to be a center for Glee, so how to fill in the kids in there? Well, I bet the winners from The Glee Project season one will be called back for more episodes. There are also the winner/s from The Glee Project season two, and some guest stars. But… is that enough? Probably not, which is why, folks at Glee are auditioning for season four.

Show creator Ryan Murphy told “They are all coming back; anyone who is a regular is coming back”. Maybe not for all 22 episodes, but I insist… the show cannot be played on an empty school.

Casting Call and Auditions for Glee Season Four

Jim Carnahan is in charge of the Season Four of Glee Auditions for main roles and regulars, while Sande Alessi Casting is in charge of auditions for Glee season four extras roles.

How to Audition for Glee Season Four Casting Call?

Visit this link.

Will you audition for Glee season four? Let me know how it goes.

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