the substitute-gwyneth-paltrow-matthew-morrison-glee-umbrellaAnother great installment of Glee, with an effortless performance from Gwyneth Paltrow, singing the bejesus out of her.

In an episode of Glee when Mr. Schuester gets sick, a substitute teacher takes over his Spanish class and the glee club, and winds up winning over the whole New Directions clan. Meanwhile, when Sue fills in for Principal Figgins as McKinley’s top dog, she tries to flex her power on campus.

Best Quotes from Glee S02E07 – The Substitute

Terry: I do still love you

Will: You like me best when I´m weak

Will: Stop Terry, I don´t want to play sick baby with you

Kurt: Have you met the Spanish substitute teacher?

Kurt: You smell homeless Brett

Rachel: At least I didn´t fall an break my talent

Holly Holiday: I want you guys to do things that you want to do

Finn: It´s really hard not to like this substitute teacher

Coach Beast: Look guys, it is not up to discussion. You do not spray athletes foot

medicine in your teammates eyes.

Holly: When was the last time you did something because it was a blast?

Holly: I thought you´d never ask… is kind of my catch phrase

Will: Don´t. I don´t want to get you sick.
Terry: I don´t care

Kurt: Love is just around the corner

Sue: KIds prefer the substitute, and I do too

Sue: Figgins have been fired and I´ve been offered the position. As my first

official decision… you are fired
Blaine: I do like football too
Way to break a stereotype

Holly: Hi, I´m Holly Holiday.
Terry: You are a porn star or a drag queen?

Holly: Wow, your wife is kind of a bitch!

Will: Terry. Don´t. Don´t come back.

Rachel: I thought I was the best thing that happened to the school. But actually it

´s Mr Shuester

Sue: I suggest sawing yourself to Craiglist as men seeking men with buttcheeks

Songs from Glee S02E07 – The Substitute

Gwyneth Paltrow Holly Holiday performs Cee-Lo’s “F#@$ You”

Will Shuester and Mike Chang perform Make ´Em Laugh by Donald O´Connor

Rachel and Holly Holiday, (Lea Michele and Gwyneth Paltrow) perform Nowadays from the musical Chicago

Will Shuester and Holly Holiday (Matthew Morrison and Gwyneth Paltrow) perform a mashup between Singing in the Rain and Rihanna´s Under my Umbrella

Video from Glee S02E07 – The Substitute Watch Gwyneth Paltrow perform Cee-Lo “Forget You”

Recap form Glee S02E07 – The Substitute

Recap written by Mike Saros

Open with Sue telling Will that Figgins has monkey flu and she is going to be acting principal. The student she had sneeze into Figgins’ face does the same to Will.

Will talks to the kids about song selection for sections while a sever fever sets in.

Will recovers at home he gets an unwanted visit from Terri. He sends her away as she leaves his favorite movie.

It seems Rachel is trying to take over Glee club in Will’s absence. Kurt tells Mercedes that nothing is happening with Blaine, he just likes having a friend he can relate to. Kurt’s idea is they get the substitute teacher Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) to step in.

Kurt got the idea after Holiday led his English class in song when she subs. Holiday loves the idea.

Holiday shows up and seems to be the coolest teacher ever. She is convinced the club did poorly in the past because it wasn’t performing the songs it wanted to sing. Unlike Will, Holiday is into modern music and proves it by performing Cee-Lo’s “F#@$ You.” The kids love it.

Sue tries to disband the football team until Beiste reminds her the Cheerios need something to cheer for.

Sue writes in her journal that she needs a cause. She tells Becky to take a memo that she wants to ban tater tots.

We see Will performing “Make them Laugh” with Mike. It turns out to be a dream. Rachel arrives at the apartment and tells him what Holiday has been doing. Rachel is worried that Holiday and Sue seem to be such good buddies.

The Cheerios come in and throw out the tots. A furious goes to see Sue, who explains she is declaring war on junk food. Mercedes promises she will get the tots back.

Holiday and Rachel talk. Holiday says Rachel needs to go after one of her ideas. Rachel mentions always wanting to do an up-beat, glamourous song and Holday seems to have an idea.

Terri is still waiting on Will, who admits to not being happy. She rubs vapo rub on his back which leads to them fooling around.

Kurt sets up Mercedes with Anthony, a football player who happens to be one of the five black kids in the school. She doesn’t love the idea, but it gets forgotten when Mercedes starts a tot protest.

Rachel and Holiday perform a Broadway-style rendition of “Nowadays” from Chicago.

Will is back in school, though obviously not fully recovered. Sue tells him because of her commitment to healthy food Figgins has been fired and she’s been offered job. She tells him to go back home and fires him.

Mercedes goes to dinner with Kurt and Blaine. She feels left out of most of their conversation.

Will comes into the Glee choir room as Holiday is having the kids re-paint the walls. The two teachers discuss teaching, with Holiday favoring a far less-structured environment. She says that in the current economy she can’t turn down the job.

Sue calls Mercedes and Holiday into her office after Mercedes put tots into her LeCar, causing $17,000 worth of damage. Holiday has to admit to Sue that she has no idea what she’s doing.

Holiday goes to see Will at his place. She breaks down and admits to being a terrible teacher. She flashes back to the beginning of her career when she was attacked by a student. Since then her life has been in constant motion. She is resigning. Terri walks in and gets angry thinking Holiday is his girlfriend. He tells her the previous night was a mistake and asks her not to come back. She says “you’re going to regret this.”

Kurt promises Mercedes she’ll find someone. She agrees to date Anthony.

Karofsky shows up and asks Kurt if he’s told anyone else about their kiss. Kurt says he hasn’t. Karofsky says if Kurt tells anyone he’ll kill him.

Sue tells Will she’s reinstating him after all the Glee kids spoke in his behalf. The condition is that the must return her LeCar to mint condition.

Will returns to a standing ovation from the kids. He suggests “Singing in the Rain” and the kids give him a dirty look.

Will goes to see Holiday who is subbing in a different part of the building. He asks or her help making “Singing in the Rain” more modern. This leads to a Will and Holiday leading a mashup of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and “Singing in the Rain.”

Watching that scene stroke me… Is Gwyneth Paltrow the mother on How I Met Your Mother? She has the yellow umbrella!

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