glee-blame-it-on-the-alcohol-spoilers-quotes-songsAnother great installment of Glee, with a lot of meaning. On the episode called Blame it on the Alcohol, Principal Figgins teaches the student body about the danger of underage drinking, and the glee club is personally touched by the message. Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste indulge in a little fun of their own..

Rachel asked Blaine out! Is Rachel dating Blaine now? That was the Glee spoiler everyone was talking about: Blaine is bi?

Best Quotes from Glee S02E14 – Blame it on the Alcohol

Sue: I can´t wait for you to climb those steps. So when you are up, I´m gonna knock you back down

Finn: What was that for?
Rachel: Breaking the tension

Finn: I have no idea who those people are, but I am on board

Rachel: I´ve never even have a drink
Finn: Seriously? Oh that´s why I never got passed second base

Brittany: It´s alcohol awareness week
Santana: And I am aware of how much fun alcohol brings

Finn: Right now you are being the needy girl drunk

Santana (While Brittany kisses Sam during spin the bottle): No me gusta

Rachel: Your face tastes awesome

Rachel: Mr Shue, that vest looks great and you are all kinds of awesome

Coach Beist: You ain´t live until you see me on a cowboy hat

Rachel: I have a question for you…

Blaine: I´m honestly trying to find out who I am

Blaine: I´d say bye, but I wouldn´t wanna make you angry

Coach Beiste and Will Schuester perform George Thorogood One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Rachel: We are friends, so I´m gonna be honest with you. The date was lovely.

Kurt: That isn´t gay at all. Did you kiss?

Kurt: There´s something you and Blaine will never have: chemistry

Coach Beiste: Easy partner

Will: Tonight´s the most fun I´ve had in a long time

Coach Beiste: I love you
Will: Right back at you

Sue: All I want to do is save you
Will: Why? You always try to destroy me

Kurt: There he is. Dreamy as ever

Blaine: Huh… yeah I´m gay. 100% gay. Thanks Rachel

Songs from Glee S02E14 – Blame it on the Alcohol

Leah Michele – Rachel sings her original “My headband”

Rachel and Blaine perform Don´t You Want Me by The Human League

Artie, Puck, Mercedes and Santana perform Jamie Foxx and T-Pain´s Blame it

Brittany and New Directions perform Kesha´s Tik Tok

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