john stamos joins glee as emma boyfriend spoilerWow! Just Wow! Glee does not stop.

After having Neil Patrick Harris, Olivia Newton John and many more, Glee is casting John Stamos as Emma´s new boyfriend.

This is not quite a Glee Spoiler, since she already told Will Schuester she´s dating her dentist.

What is the Glee spoiler in this case? Well… knowing that the dentist Emma´s dating is no other than John Stamos.

What do you think about Glee adding John Stamos to an already big hit?

Do you think John Stamos joining Glee will feature a sing off between him and Matthew Morrison´s character?

Many people remember John Stamos as uncle Jesse, but he has an interesting Broadway career with plays such as Bye Bye Birdie, so John Stamos joining Glee has the potential of many songs.

What do you think about John Stamos joining Glee? Head to the comments and let us know!