sue sylvester will schuester finn terri glee romanceOk, Glee fans… I ran into two pieces of Glee scoop earlier today.

Both involve possible romantic plot arcs.

Romance for Terri and Finn on Glee?

In a post by Michael Ausiello, I could read about this possible turn of events:

“Finn gets a job at Sheets & Things,” explains Murphy of the chain store where Will’s soon-to-be ex-wife works. “He is very down on himself, and Terri realizes that she was not very supportive of her husband and she sees a lot of him in Finn.
“She met Will at 16,” he reminds us, “so she sees a way to redemption…a way to redo that relationship in a positive way [by acting] almost as Finn’s guardian angel, his fairy godmother. She gives him proper moral advice. I liked seeing Jessalyn [Gilsig] and Cory [Monteith] work together.”

But, as the exec producer said it… the possible romance between Terri and Finn on Glee will be “strictly platonic”.

As a side note: Did you see Finn hoops moves on the latest Glee episode where he was playing basketball… seems he´s terrible, don´t you think?

But going back on topic… what do you think about a possible romance between Terri and Finn on Glee?

Romance for Will Schuester and Sue Sylvester on Glee?

Ok, this one would be bizarro world on Glee, right?

But according to Kristin dos Santos, from E!

“Will and Sue. We do a very interesting episode where Matt [Morrison] seduces Jane [Lynch]. He does ‘Tell Me Something Good’ by Chaka Khan and tries to get her to fall in love with him.”

Of course, he has ulterior motives. “He does it so Sue will leave the glee club alone,” Murphy explains. “And then he breaks up with her and tries to destroy her. But she gets her revenge. I think he’s just done getting pushed around by Sue, but they had great fun with that.”

I think it will be fun to watch… what do you think about Will Schuester seducing Sue Sylverster on Glee?