enlightened-cancelled-renewed-hboHBO said it in an official statement: “It was a very difficult decision…We’re proud of the show and we look forward to working with Mike White and Laura Dern in the future.” But the writing was in the wall for a long time now, since the show was very challenged in the ratings department. So learning that HBO cancelled Enlightened should surprise no one.

Enlightened was the story of a self-destructive woman who has a spiritual awakening becomes determined to live an enlightened life, creating havoc at home and work. A show written and created by Mike White and co created and starred by Laura Dern failed to deliver good numbers, even though it was very well received by the critics. HBO gave it a full second season order to see it develop and respect the story, but the low rated show could not gain momentum and ultimately got cancelled before a third season could be in the plans for the network. The good news is that you can still watch Enlightened on HBO Go, though that requires an HBO subscription. If you don’t have one, try investigating Direct TV deals to figure out a package that works for you.

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