hot-in-cleveland-cancelled-renewed-season-five-tvlandTalk about duh! Of course this was going to happen, after all, this show marked the launch of TVLand into original shows zone, and to great success I might add, so, it was expected to hear that TVLand renewed Hot in Cleveland for season five set to air later this year.

This original sitcom “Hot in Cleveland.” started the series when three fabulous LA women (played by Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick) en route to Paris make an unexpected stop in Cleveland and, after renting a house with a fiesty caretaker (played by Betty White), decide to stay. Away from the glitz of LA, they discover they are considered hot in Cleveland, and now they’re back for a third season of hilarious midwestern life.
Now, four seasons into the show, they are turned into bonafide Cleveland-ites and their adventures continue as their Hollywood style lives adapt to the Ohio environment.

I had the chance to visit the set and enjoy the chemistry of the show among the four actresses, and in the final product it shows quite clearly. An absolutely enjoyable show that will continue on at least until 2014.

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