the-rickey-smiley-morning-show-cancelled-renewed-tvoneAnother one that joins the comeback list, as TVOne renews The Rickey Smiley show for season two.

The show is a sitcom by Rickey Smiley based loosely on the comedian life, who plays a popular local DJ based in Atlanta. And now, the show is coming back for season two.

The series stars Rickey Smiley, J. Anthony Brown, Noree Victoria, Demetria McKinney, Lil’ JJ, Ajiona Alexus, Gabriel Burgess, Roz Ryan, and Ray J.The sitcom drew about 900,000 viewers.

So far, ten episodes of The Rickey Smiley show have seen the light of day, and now, the show gets renewed for a second season to start production quite soon, and set to air in a yet to be announced date targeted towards September 2013.

The show starrs Rickey Smiley as himself, and also has a cast ensemble of J Anthony Browm, Noree Victoria, Demetria McKinney, Lil´JJ, Ajiona Alexus, Gabriel Burguess, Roz Ryan, Ray J and some guest stars .

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