wedding-band-cancelled-renewed-tbsHeavy month January is being in terms of adding shows both to the renewed shows of 2013 and cancelled shows lists. And the same day as ABC cancels Don´t Trust the B in Apt 23, another sitcom goes, as TBS cancels The Wedding Band by not ordering a second season, nor a back order for the first one, that ended its freshman and only run last Saturday when its 10 season short lived experience ended.

The show struggled to deliver the needed audiences and therefore, the Brian Austin Green headlined sitcom comes to an end. We cannot say it was not expected to see Wedding Band getting cancelled, but it´s still sad, as Austin Green has developed into a seasoned performer with good comic timing.

What´s The Wedding Band about? Plot Synopsis

Wedding Band, starring Brian Austin Green, Harold Perrineau, Peter Cambor and Derek Miller. The series follows four friends – three single, one married, all with day jobs – who escape their daily stress and responsibilities by playing “weekend rock gods” in Seattle’s premier wedding and events band, Mother of the Bride.

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