prince-billboard-american-idol-coverBillboard Magazine is in the middle of rebranding, and today, the new Billboard Magazine hits the stands. Who better for the rebranding cover than Prince, an artist that knew how to rebrand himself over and over in his longlasting career.

In this edition, Billboard journalist, Gail Mitchell seizes the opportunity to sit down with the sell-out, legendary artist; Prince. Gail titles the article, “The O Word” after Prince makes his point that ownership is control and power. “Those are the issues that a magazine like Billboard needs to be writing about,” he says. “Billboard needs to tell the truth, shake things up.”

In a rare and captivating interview, Prince speaks to the music industry’s highs and lows – as well as where it’s all headed.

“Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what’s already there,” Prince said. “I thank Billboard for giving me this honor. It’s always nice to be recognized for what we’ve done here, but I’m all about moving forward.”
With an updated layout and expanded content, Billboard has left nothing to the imagination. Online, fans will view new chart features, listen to an exclusive track by country singer Tim McGraw and access a brand new iPad edition with playable charts – all with the ability to be shared on Facebook or Twitter, and streamed on Spotify or Rdio.

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