Miranda Bailey heartbroken. Ben Leaves Seattle Grace Jason George leaving Greys AnatomyThis week we showed you the good news, Miranda Bailey and Ben will kiss on Grey´s Anatomy.

Now the not so good news for Dr Bailey: His new found “boyfriend” Ben is leaving Seattle Grace, but why oh why you say? Well, apparently Shonda Rhimes is just breaking our hearts along Miranda´s.

Let´s see… Jason George, the actor who plays Ben on Grey´s Anatomy is going to star on Shonda Rhimes´ new pilot Off the Map, a show where a trio of doctors seek for a new start elsewhere… in a tropical island (Lost meets Grey´s Anatomy?)

So, this should mean Jason George is leaving Grey´s Anatomy, and Ben and Miranda love story may be over soon?

Wait a second… it´s time to clarify some things…

1- Off The Map is not as stated everywhere Shonda Rhimes´new show, it´s Jenna Bans, supervising producer of Grey´s Anatomy. Although one must understand marketing wise, it sounds more appealing a show by Shonda Rhimes…

2- Just because Jason George is signing on a new gig at Off The Map, that doesn´t mean he leaves Grey´s Anatomy… it might, but it´s not a sine qua non condition. He may still be a recurring role in Grey, the same as we didn´t see Tucker every week while Miranda and him were married.

3- How I would love to see Shonda herself answering this… but that´s a long shot, right? So, I´ll ask all of you.

What do you think?

Is Ben Warren leaving Seattle Grace? Is Jason George leaving Grey´s Anatomy?

Head to the comment and let me know your thoughts