alex karev having an affaire lover on grey anatomySo, things are not going all so well between Izzie and Alex on Grey´s Anatomy. Some say they will be getting a divorce, even.

But, what we could get as scoop is that on the next episode of Grey´s Anatomy Alex Karev is going to have a one night stand.

According to Michael Ausiello, there are five girls with the potential of being Alex Karev´s lover:

Reed (odds: 1-5): It makes sense that Karev would choose to work through his pain with the brash Mercy West-er, who has been undressing Alex with her eyes for weeks. But if Chambers’ claim (that the other woman’s identity will cause our heads to spin) proves true, it won’t be Reed. And if it is, Chambers hasn’t been watching his show very closely this season.

Lexie (odds: 1-2): They had a brief tryst in the past, so it stands to reason that Alex might once again play doctor with ‘lil Grey. And from Lexie’s perspective, what better distraction from all the McDaughter drama than another roll in the hay with a former Calvin Klein model?

Addison (odds: 3-1): It also wouldn’t be the first time Karev visited Le Bed Montgomery, but — as previously reported — Addison will have her hands full helping out Mark. And girlfriend has only so many hands.

Cristina (odds: 9-2): Should Hunt get busy with ex-love Teddy, Cristina might be out for a little revenge of her own. But why would she pick Alex when she’s already got another MD (i.e. Dr. Avery) ready, more than willing, and (we’re just assuming here) extremely able?

Meredith (odds: 7:1): Shonda Rhimes has said that Der-Mer’s upcoming troubles would be work-related, not personal. And we’re going to take her at her word.

Miranda (odds 15-1): Grey’s writers have been anything but subtle about Miranda’s rocky personal life. And Chambers did say the choice would shock people. Well, this would shock me!

My personal feeling is that he´s missing one of the possible bigger twists… what would happen if Rebecca, Jane Doe were to come back to Grey´s Anatomy?

What do you think about this? Alex Karev having a fling?