Folks at Hallmark Channel sent me all the scoop for the upcoming fall premieres, highlights and specials.

Love Begins Premieres September 17 on Hallmark Channel

Saturday, September 17 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C)
Starring: Nancy McKeon, Wes Brown, Julie Mond, Abigail Mavity, Jerry Burns

“Love Begins” is the prequel inspired by award-winning author Janette Oke’s most beloved book series Love Comes Softly and Oke’s iconic hero Clark Davis (Brown).
Clark’s adventurous dreams of seeing the world are cut short when he lands in jail after a cafe brawl.  Clark strikes a deal with the Sheriff (Burns) and Millie (McKeon), the cafe owner, to work off his debt as a farmhand for Ellen (Mond) and
Cassie (Mavity) Barlow.  Ellen is skeptical but younger sister Cassie takes to him right away.  Clark quickly proves himself to be useful on the farm and slowly wins over Ellen with his honesty and hard work.  But just as their love begins, Ellen’s
old beau returns with a marriage offer.  Now, Ellen is left to decide whether to accept his proposal or pursue her affections for Clark.

The Martha Stewart Show new season premieres September 26 on Hallmark Channel

Beginning: Monday, September 26 (Monday through Friday – 10a.m. ET/PT, 9C)

Martha Stewart is back for an all new season of her mega-popular, Emmy® Award-winning show and her second as anchor of the Hallmark Channel Home daily lifestyle programming block, after making Hallmark Channel her exclusive home a year ago.  The new season will find Martha introducing fresh inspirations and will feature A-list celebrities, culinary icons and luminaries of the fashion world, both renowned and newly discovered – all before a live studio audience.  A brand new assortment of theme shows will also be in the offing, focusing on all varieties of baking, crafting, gardening and decorating. In addition to chefs and fashion connoisseurs, those dropping by Martha’s place will include seasoned artisans, designers, artists, authors, collectors and experts from all walks of life.

Emeril’s Table – New Series premieres September 26 on Hallmark Channel

Beginning: Monday, September 26
Daily Schedule: Monday through Friday (11a.m. ET/PT, 10C)
Tuesday through Friday (11:30 a.m. ET/PT, 10:30C)

Hallmark Channel has the hottest reservation on television: a seat at “Emeril’s Table,” beginning September 26th.  On his new informative, entertaining daily half-hour cooking series, Chef Emeril Lagasse invites viewers to join a group of five special diners at the chef’s table for themed episodes dedicated to the love of food, the joy of cooking and the pleasure of sharing that experience with others.
Emeril’s daily cooking lessons will teach and inspire viewers as he shares tips, techniques and advice while engaging his guests in-studio and at home.

Martha Bakes new season premieres Monday September 26 on Hallmark Channel

Beginning: Monday, September 26 (Mondays only at 11:30a.m. ET/PT, 10:30C)

The half-hour series, the first to feature Martha teaching one specific culinary discipline, was developed following years of experimenting, writing and refining recipes. Martha herself edits the best of the best for this informative program
dedicated to the coursework for Baking 101.  What distinguishes the series from other baking-related shows is that each installment, covering themes such as cookies or coffee cake, begins with a recipe’s basic foundation and then  demonstrates how the addition of certain ingredients or a new technique can create not just one, but multiple recipes. This season, Martha bakes basic yeast breads, layer cakes, pizza and focaccia, as well as the more complicated croissant. The thoughtfully edited collection of Martha’s personal favorites, savories and sweets, demystifies the world of baking, making it accessible and easy for home bakers to achieve success no matter what their level.

Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn new season premieres September 26 on Hallmark Channel

Beginning: Monday, September 26 (Monday through Friday – 12noon ET/PT, 11C)

Lucinda Scala Quinn, the charismatic food editor for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, lifts off with a second season of her popular half-hour Hallmark Channel cooking series that brings together family, friends and food in an atmosphere of
warmth and simplicity.  Quinn opens her new campaign by showcasing recipes for everything from American classics like French Dip sandwiches and onion rings, to breakfast for the busy family, to whipping up restaurant-quality entrees like Duck Breast a L’Orange right in your own kitchen.  The cool thing about Lucinda is not only her infectious enthusiasm but the seamless way she incorporates members of her own clan.  That includes sons Calder and Luca and brothers David and Jim.  The message is that if it’s good enough for Lucinda’s loved ones, it’s plenty good enough for us, too.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone new season premieres September 26 on Hallmark Channel

Beginning: Monday, September 26 (Monday through Friday – 12:30p.m. ET/PT, 11:30C)

Marc Morrone is a modern-day Dr. Doolittle who knows how to talk to the animals – and about them, too.  He is Martha Stewart’s go-to guy in the world of four-legged and winged beasts, from dogs to cats, rabbits to ferrets, parrots to  canaries, and he is bringing his wisdom back to Hallmark Channel in all half-hour episodes which reveal what viewers need to know about caring for their pets.  Through dialogue, demonstrations and Marc’s personal and professional experience, he shares valuable tips and insights for enjoyable pet-keeping.

Martha Stewart Presents Halloween Special Premieres October 2011 on Hallmark Channel

It will come as no surprise that no one does Halloween better than the Grande Dame of domesticity herself.  In fact, this special is a virtual how-to guide for doing Halloween Night right.  Martha shares tips on sensationally spook-tacular ways to decorate your home with the proper monster-fied motif, transforming pillowcases into trick-or-treat bags, making scary cupcakes, Halloween cocktails, great costume makeup, and much more.  There are also likely to be a few surprise guests dropping by on their way home.  Though technically it’s a night to celebrate the deceased, Halloween comes alive during this prime time hour with Martha.  She creates more Halloween party ideas than you can shake a witch’s broom at.  One word of warning: this celebration of all that screams and goes bump in the night is strictly BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin)!

Love´s Everlasting Courage Movie Premiere October 1 on Hallmark Channel

Saturday, October 1 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C)
Starring: Cheryl Ladd, Bruce Boxleitner, Wes Brown, Morgan Lily, Julie Mond

“Love’s Everlasting Courage” is the second prequel inspired by Janette Oke’s inspirational Love Comes Softly books, and in particular, Oke’s lead character Clark Davis (Brown).  Clark struggles to maintain his land and support his wife, Ellen
(Mond), and young daughter, Missie (Lily), during a long drought.  Worried they may lose the farm to the bank, Ellen agrees to take a job as a seamstress in order to pay off their debt.  Soon after Ellen starts work, she becomes ill with scarlet
fever and passes away.  Devastated by the loss of his wife, Clark turns to his parents Irene (Ladd) and Lloyd (Boxleitner) for support.  As Clark struggles to find water in order to create a harvest and repay his debt, his daughter Missie has a
difficult time coping with the loss of her mother.  Clark is conflicted whether to send Missie to live a better life with his parents, or if she should stay with him.
But when Missie runs away after accidentally setting the house on fire, Clark faces the possibility of losing the one person he loves most.

Oliver´s Ghost Movie Premieres October 22 on Hallmark Channel

Saturday, October 22 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C)
Starring: Martin Mull, Rhea Perlman, Nicholas Stargel

Eleven year-old Oliver (Stargel) has a unique ability to see ‘full-bodied apparitions’ – ghosts!  When his family moves from the bustling city to an older home in the suburbs, only Oliver is able to see the spirit of Clive Rutledge (Mull), the previous owner.  Clive causes every manner of destruction to force Oliver and his family to leave.  But in the end, it will be Oliver, with the help of a kind neighbor (Perlman), who shows Clive how to finally release all his earthly regrets so he can leave the house in peace.

The Good Witch´s family movie premiere October 29 on Hallmark Channel

Saturday, October 29 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C)
Starring: Catherine Bell, Chris Potter, Sarah Power, Catherine Disher, Matthew Knight, Hannah Endicott-Douglas

Life is becoming routinely good for Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale (Bell) as she settles into marriage with Middleton Police Chief Jake Russell (Potter) and as step mom to Brandon (Knight) and Lori (Endicott-Douglas).  But not everything in Middleton is good, fair or fair to middling.  In fact, some things are downright bad.  Evil blows into town in the form of Cassie’s long-lost cousin Abigail, who whips up wickedness like a tornado darting across the Plains. The once peaceful
Russell family bickers night and day; Jake is fired after an argument with the Mayor over a bridge expansion; and Martha (Disher), the Mayor’s wife and town busy body, who is also at odds with her husband over the bridge issue, walks out on their long marriage. As the town divides further over neighborhood expansion, Cassie is drafted to run for Mayor.  There is friction in her once-happy marriage, her family is unraveling, and Abigail’s diabolical “double, double, toil and trouble” is the apex of Cassie’s misery.

Love´s Christmas Journey Premieres November 2011 on Hallmark Channel

Starring: Sean Astin, JoBeth Williams, Natalie Hall, Dylan Bruce, Greg Vaughan

While still mourning the loss of her husband and daughter, recently widowed Ellie King (Hall) visits her brother Aaron Davis, (Vaughan) a sheriff in the small town of Haddonton, and his two children during the Christmas holiday.  Ellie does her best to enjoy the holidays, even making new friends with Beatrice (Williams), a local shop keeper and Deputy Strode (Bruce).  Settling in nicely with her brother’s family, Ellie agrees to watch her niece and nephew when Aaron travels out of town to purchase adjacent land for farming.  But when a corrupt attorney in town leaves a young man to blame for Mayor Wayne’s (Astin) barn catching fire and burning, Ellie ignores distrusting townspeople and steps in to help to prove his innocence.   To her dismay, the season’s festivities are threatened when Aaron goes missing.  When all seems lost, Ellie not only gets the perfect holiday miracle—her brother delivered home safely on Christmas morning—but also the chance at a new life when she finds herself falling in love again.

Mistletoe over Manhattan movie premieres November 2011 on Hallmark Channel

Starring: Tedde Moore, Tricia Helfer, Greg Bryk, Mairtin O’Carrigan

Rebecca, Mrs. Claus (Moore) is worried that her exhausted, workaholic husband (O’Carrigan) has lost his holiday spirit.  She believes she can help him recapture his bliss and secretly heads to the one place she knows the spirit of Christmas must still exist, the place she fell in love with Nick – New York City.   In a crowded diner, Rebecca befriends Joe (Bryk), a caring cop who is worried about this kindly grandmother, who’s alone and low on funds.  Joe reveals he and his wife Lucy
(Helfer) are in the middle of a divorce.   Sensing that Joe is still very much in love with his wife, Rebecca agrees to work temporarily as the family’s nanny until Christmas.  To Rebecca’s delight, by healing Joe and Lucy’s family, she shows Santa that Christmas miracles are still possible and his job’s more important than ever!

Lucky Christmas Movie Premieres November 2011 on Hallmark Channel

Starring: Elizabeth Berkley, Jason Gray-Stanford

Holly Ceroni (Berkley) is a single mother who has been destitute when it comes to luck and love.  No one can afford a personal chef, forcing Holly to go back to waitressing.  She buys a lottery ticket, kissing it for good luck before she tosses
it in the glove compartment of her car, hoping this Christmas things will get better.  That night Holly’s car is stolen, adding to her streak of misfortune.  The next morning Holly discovers her lotto numbers are in fact the million dollar
winner, but the ticket is in her missing car.  Mike Ronowski (Stanford) is one of the men behind Holly’s missing vehicle; he and his friend had inadvertently taken Holly’s car the night before.  When Mike’s greedy friend finds the winning lottery
ticket he suggests that Mike romance Holly in order to get a cut of the money to help save his family business.  As Mike gets to know Holly, he unexpectedly falls in love with her and realizes there are more important things in life than money.  Will Holly’s losing streak continue, or is fate finally on her side this Christmas?

Cancel Christmas premieres November 2011 on Hallmark Channel

Starring: Judd Nelson

Imagine Santa’s (Nelson) surprise when the Christmas Board of Directors issues an ultimatum to holiday’s top Elf: In 30 days or less, make Christmas less commercial and material, or lose it forever.  The Board is so sure the turnaround is hopeless that they give Santa the task of changing the hearts of privileged kids so they, in turn, will reach out to help a less fortunate boy.  As he views the mission before him, Santa sees the following themes: private school, privilege, rich kids, mean kids, a science fair, a Golden Retriever, and a friendless boy in a wheelchair.
Daunting?  No more so than making reindeer fly.  If ever there was a force for joy, goodness and sharing, it is the mythical man in red.  After all, it’s Christmas – believe with all your heart!

The Case for Christmas movie premieres November 2011 on Hallmark Channel

Starring: Dean Cain, Rachel Blanchard, Barry Flatman, George Buza

Santa (Buza) is in trouble—everyone is losing faith in him, and he’s being sued for ruining Christmas.  Young lawyer Michael Sherman (Cain) takes Santa on as his client to defend him against wealthy businessman Braxton Bennett (Flatman).  When it comes out that the law suit is all for Braxton’s own financial gain, Michael helps save Christmas and finds love with his friend Lauren (Blanchard) along the way.

Jingle All the Way Animated Special premieres November 2011 on Hallmark Channel

A spirited Husky puppy looking for a home at a Christmas tree farm instantly bonds with a young boy visiting with his parents.  As the boy rides away, unable to keep him, the pup escapes and embarks on a snowy journey to find his friend again.
Guided by a wise cardinal and the sound of jingling bells, he eventually receives the help he needs from a big man in a red suit just in time for Christmas morning.

Debbie Macomber´s Trading Christmas movie premieres November 2011 on Hallmark Channel

Starring: Tom Cavanagh, Faith Ford, Gil Bellows, Gabrielle Miller, Emma Lahana

Emily (Ford) misses her daughter Heather (Lahana) who is attending college in Boston.  Since her father died, Heather is sensitive to her mom’s dependence on long-standing holiday traditions.  This Christmas, Heather has planned a trip to
Phoenix with her boyfriend, but tells her mother she is staying on campus to study.
After arranging a house-swap with Charles (Cavanagh), an English professor from Boston who wants Washington State’s solitude in order to finish his novel, Emily hops on a flight to Boston to surprise Heather for Christmas.  Unaware of the house swap, Emily’s best friend, Faith (Miller) walks in on Charles at Emily’s house and in Boston, Ray, Charles’ brother (Bellows) responds to a 911 call only to find Emily at Charles’ condo.  Will Christmas travel calamities lead to cross-country romances?  Or have there been one too many surprises already?

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