tlc-cancels-kate-plus-eightWell, cancelled shows on 2011 and the renewed shows on 2011 are coming and going like crazy!And the day after MTV canceled Hard Times of RJ Berger, and AMC sort of canceled Breaking Bad with final season renewal,  another show goes through the ax, and this time, I´m not sure if there will be a riot like what happened when ABC cancelled One Life to Live and All My Children. Why? Because this time TLC is cancelling Kate Plus 8, and let´s face it, there was not many people that loved Kate Gosselin, and much less that would admit it if they actually did.

The show started in 2007 as Jon and Kate plus Eight, back when Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin were married, and then kept on showing her life and of her children after the much public divorce.

Even though TLC is canceling Kate Plus Eight, a network representative said they were planning on keeping up with her family in several specials in the future, but after reaching the 150 episodes milestone it was a good time to call it quits.

What do you think? Are you sad TLC cancelled Kate Plus Eight? Or are you relieved that Kate plus Eight got cancelled? Let me know in the comments section.

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