harriet-beamer-takes-the-bus-book-review-joyce-magninI got this book sent in an advance reading copy, and I have to say it. It´s good to have advanced reading copies, because sometimes life and routine gets in the way of reading, and so this book took me a while to start reading it, and a while longer to read it.
The book is from Zondervan Books, and is targeted for the Christian market who reads fiction.
Joyce Magnin writes this book in which Harriet Beamer is a widow who lives with her dog in Philadelphia, up until she falls for the fourth time, and injures her ankle. That´s when her daughter and son in law insist on having her moving to California (I dare to bet the daughter insisted much more than the son in law, but that´s not in the book).
After realizing that her ankle is indeed broken, Harriet packs up her belongings and moves to California.

But, Harriet is not ready to go retire so easily. She will travel from Philadelphia to California using different means of transportation, like local buses, trains, subways and motorcycles.

Who do I recommend this book to?

Well, mainly near retirees or retirees. People who enjoys life and can put up with a book that has certain christian references (after all, it is targeted to christians, but enjoyable also to non christians).

Book Info:

Publisher: Zondervan Books
ISBN: 978-0310333555
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